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  1. whatever cave you were in either had ice cave drops or deep sea
  2. The Center Caves share their drops with the island. Just like the Deep Sea Crates on Rag,Center,SE,Island
  3. The ones highlighted in Orange are the highest value
  4. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Loot_Tables Went through all the loot tables and just compiled everything.
  5. Blueprint Locations Spreadsheet I put together a spreadsheet of the locations and values of some of the more needed BP's. I was surprised that a few of the BP's only came from 1 or 2 places. Ark BP Locations.xlsx
  6. Giga Saddle BP Locations I did some digging through the loot tables and compiled a list of all Giga Saddle BP drops and their values. Happy hunting everyone (Notes) - Max Armor is 124 on official servers. 496% Roll or higher will get 124 armor Island Ice Cave Red Drop (325-400%) Deep Sea Loot Crate (325-400%) Deep Sea Loot Crate High Roll (330-430%) Extinction Cave Blue Drop (150-220%) Extinction Cave Yellow Drop (150-250%) Extinction Cave Red Drop (160-260%) Ragnarok Lava Golem (300-700%)
  7. I solo red drops with my Giga, i trust my Giga. But i can't walk my Giga into a cave. I have gotten a few pieces of flak bp, but longneck bp is not in the loot table on extinction. So you guys think swamp cave on the island is a good place for longneck BP? What should i take in there with me dino wise?
  8. I am hunting for flak and longneck blueprints. I see that the best ones come from the cave drops. What have you guys found to be the easiest cave with the best reward? I have access to endgame dinos with good breeding lines. I just have never had the balls to actually go through the harder caves.
  9. this is a 10th generation giga with 15 mutations on both sides. This is on PVE official
  10. If you guys could only have 1 dino what would it be? I just recently got my first mana and I gotta say it's the coolest thing ever. I would take a good mana with me.
  11. Welcome aboard guys. I am a new trader myself. Looking to buy and eventually setup my own shop.
  12. Welcome to the forums! What kind of dinos do you breed?
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