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  1. True, but the kibble simple recipes aren't that harder to make. I think that they needed to change the taming values of berries, veggies, cake and kibble, and add more options (like fruits) to stand almost equal to sheer amout of meats (raw and cooked meat, fish, prime, mutton). An elegant solution would be to include rare mushrooms and flowers in the herbivore taming chart, like: Berries -> Mejoberry -> Veggies -> Rare Mushroom -> Rare Flower -> Veggie Cake Don't know about the amount of work for programing this, but look's like it would be less than creating more things to tame herbivores.
  2. One of the sadest moments in Ark for me was to know that the deathworm was not tamable and ridable. With the basilisk and so many strong dinos now, I think that the Deathworm can have a little tlc to make it a desert version of the squid, so we can have this pretty thingy as a tame.
  3. I've made a suggestion for the jackhammer, and, from all this, it is my favorite next to the different saddles
  4. Biguds

    Enforcer buff!

    I think that they need some kind of modular saddle to boost armor and to give them another use. Like carrying a turret, or crafting bench, or even reducing the weight / increasing the gathering of some resources
  5. Biguds

    Anky: Forge Saddle

    More dinos need cool saddles like this!
  6. I've made a suggestion to have fruit trees/bushes spawn at random, but giving a veggie like prime/mutton
  7. Even with my fear of spiders, the giant one for Ab and the wasp for Scorched are two of the best new dinos suggestions that I got to see in the forum
  8. Hello there. After some time with problems just walking around in Aberration, choking in spores, I though "what about a shoulder pet that worked like a mask?". So, I leave a suggestion for a tamable kind of jellyfish that you shove over your head and it work both like an underwater mask and a limited gas-mask just for spores. Alternatively, it could work giving you more oxygen / slowing its consumption.
  9. Greetings, folks. I'd like to suggest a new tool, the Jackhammer. It would be an Aberration equivalent to the Chainsaw from Scorched Earth. It uses charge baterries for power and can be used to harvest mineral resources faster and more efficient. For concerns with "pick" and "hatchet" types of harvesting, the jackhammer would have two different heads that could be exchanged. Thanks for the attention.
  10. Greetings, folks. I'd like to see some form of veggie, like a fruit and/or leaf, that you could harvest from random spawning trees or bushes, that worked like "prime meat" or "mutton" to tame herbivores. Something that could not be grown in crops, but needed to be farmed from the map. To make it more usefull for the game in general, it would be great if those fruits/leaves could be dried in the preserving bin for long term storage and usage in kibble recipes, or cooked and used for a alternative recipe for veggie cakes. Cheers.
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