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  1. Geepope

    mobile Ancient Amber

    I've not had any luck with the crowbar either, although during a harvest event, i got like 10+ amber one time with a Ascendant Pickaxe. Happy Hunting!
  2. Geepope


    GOOD TIP^^ I forgot to mention that. if you breed and want war with griffins. Expect to spend a lot of amber! (My Bathalot Lvl 600 on Brutal was around 226 Amber)
  3. Geepope


    Griffins can only be revived at an obelisk. Source: RIP my griffin, lol Happy Hunting!
  4. Damn Level 47?! Not bad Props to you man, Dungeons are End Game content geared towards high leveled players. Just keep at it, It'll get easier as you level and play! Happy Hunting! P.S. (But I do agree, the dungeons should have better loot with the gear required to complete them)
  5. Geepope

    Green dye

    7) Amarberries (Yellow) 7) Azulberries (Blue) 4) Narcoberries (Black) 1) Gunpowder (1 Sparkpowder & 1 Charcoal) 1) Water source (Full Waterskin, Water Jar, or Canteen) Thats the Forest Green^^ 9) Amarberries (Yellow) 9) Azulberries (Blue) 2) Charcoal 1) Water source (Full Waterskin, Water Jar, or Canteen) Thats regular Green^^ If you had the right ingridients and the water source then perhaps its a bug/glitch... Hope this helps some! Happy Hunting!
  6. Guys.. This is the Ark Mobile Forums lol. And yea its a common bug, they are working on the fix, but hey meanwhile, free battlements haha Happy Hunting!
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