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  1. Geepope

    mobile Ancient Amber

    I've not had any luck with the crowbar either, although during a harvest event, i got like 10+ amber one time with a Ascendant Pickaxe. Happy Hunting!
  2. Geepope


    GOOD TIP^^ I forgot to mention that. if you breed and want war with griffins. Expect to spend a lot of amber! (My Bathalot Lvl 600 on Brutal was around 226 Amber)
  3. Geepope


    Griffins can only be revived at an obelisk. Source: RIP my griffin, lol Happy Hunting!
  4. Geepope

    About potent dust

    As far as I've known and experienced it starts in random areas; or some on certain dino's. (Not experimented that far) And keep feeding it dust and eventually it'll turn its whole body the desired color. I'm not sure the amount for each dino, I'm sure it differs. Also, you can eat the dust and have the same effect lol. Happy Hunting!
  5. I read somewhere, the only thing you couldn't use on a revival platform, was a Giga? I'll have to test this... Maybe they was wrong lol
  6. Hello All, Here Recently, Me and some Tribe mates are currently Alpha on our Official PVP Server. Was Wondering if any Alpha War Veterans had some deep, thoughtful experienced tips. I'm used to Solo'ing on Official Servers and fending for myself, lol so this is little different now to me. Need those Hive Mentality Tips and Hints! Thanks, and Happy Hunting!
  7. Geepope

    Organic polymer

    Look Up North! Penguins Have it when you Slaughter them! Happy Hunting!
  8. I saw it at work, but was gonna wait till night to redeem it, wrong decision i see, lol.
  9. Damn Level 47?! Not bad Props to you man, Dungeons are End Game content geared towards high leveled players. Just keep at it, It'll get easier as you level and play! Happy Hunting! P.S. (But I do agree, the dungeons should have better loot with the gear required to complete them)
  10. Baryonyx Oxygen Stat? Hi Guys, I'm just trying to clear something up before i take my Bary deep in the sea. If i'm correct, it doesn't need oxygen underwater? Even though it shows his oxygen locked/grayed out at 450 and shows a Oxygen Bar when underwater? Or is that mine? Thanks, Happy Hunting!
  11. Character Build Stat Guide I've had trouble finding any type of guide (Mobile of course) on how your points level each attribute. The Amount changes depending on Level & Points into it, Right? Also other Attributes slowly all rise at different increments each time you level? I'm just needing some direction here guys, if there is a breakdown or stat chart anywhere. I've got a lvl 58 character built around PVP. Trying to decide my next steps. Thanks! Happy Hunting!
  12. I've heard of such things, as someone turning their single player into a Non-Dedicated Server and able to invite people? But that's on PC. Not sure how it works (Converting SP>MP) on mobile. I've never messed much with single player Happy Hunting!
  13. Geepope

    Green dye

    7) Amarberries (Yellow) 7) Azulberries (Blue) 4) Narcoberries (Black) 1) Gunpowder (1 Sparkpowder & 1 Charcoal) 1) Water source (Full Waterskin, Water Jar, or Canteen) Thats the Forest Green^^ 9) Amarberries (Yellow) 9) Azulberries (Blue) 2) Charcoal 1) Water source (Full Waterskin, Water Jar, or Canteen) Thats regular Green^^ If you had the right ingridients and the water source then perhaps its a bug/glitch... Hope this helps some! Happy Hunting!
  14. It ain't to bad when you're in a causal situation. (Around Camp) I just check to see if an ad is available for 3 Amber lmao. But for real the timing, I be sprinting through the Redwoods, I see a group of Terror birds. Life Death Situation; I go to equip my Bolo's! Sike! Loook at the shop menu annd these great deeealls! lol i was so done; By the time my menu came down after i got them equipped i was ate alive.
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