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  1. Genesis 2 map NA-PVE965Official is going down every 30min to an hour and if you get caught in space you anti-mesh and lose everything. Until you can fix this constant server crash problem and anti-mesh people should be able to keep their inventory because that problem is on you Wildcard. WE ARE SICK OF LOSING ALL OF OUR GODD GEAR CONSTANTLY.
  2. We have been experiencing the same issues daily in this game. Makes it completely unplayable. Can't leave the base and do anything without the game crashing every 20 to 30min and then it rolls back 30min. At that point we don't even know what it got done, did we feed our dinos before the rollback ETC. ETC. ETC. They are killing Ark 2 at this point. Ark 1 run runs worse than games in beta.
  3. If you added a server queue many of your problems would be solved.
  4. One thing that all mmo's have is a simple server queue, even in beta. This would solve your login server problems. What's happening is your login servers are experiencing a DOS attack when people are trying to get in and it messes with the login server to the point that no servers show up or only some do. For instance I can sit her for an hour trying to log in clicking every 3 to 5 seconds with no luck but someone who just sat down at their pc is able to get in almost immediately. A queue would fix your login server problems.
  5. You can add parasaurs and trikes not harvesting berries. All I need is 2 rockaroot and some narcoberries, tamed 2 dinos for this and neither work.
  6. I made the mistake of moving my main character to genesis2 and now she's stuck there. I haven't been able to log in for 4 days because it says the server is full but by the reflected numbers it's not. How are we suppose to know when there is a server opening when the population is never updated? Then I get a connection timeout message about every 5 minutes while on the server login page. Wildcard knows how many people bought this DLC and they need to have enough servers for those customers. Sick and tired of this being a problem at every new DLC launch only it's 10x worse on this one, fou
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