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  1. Riding after fixing glitch Cant ride creatures after fixing glitches
  2. Element nodes? If those arent the same as the mission nodes ive never seen one are there other nodes that convert the dust to element 9n genesis before update?
  3. Engrams that should be available on Genesis Why are the creature on Genesis like the Thorny Dragon that are a Scorched Earth DLC not have the saddle engram available on Genesis since there are Thornys in the volcano biome
  4. Anyone know of xbox mods for breeding insects
  5. Hard crash Does anyone no why the game hard crashes to xbox home recently. We're have people playing on PC and they are not craving, this started about a week ago
  6. Game crashing About every 45 minutes on the xbox the server crashes, we have people playing on ther pc and they are not. Why is this? Is there a bug?
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