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  1. Wait I heard that we spawn with tek suits? Make sense lore wise but can the suits be taken off the map?
  2. Windows 10 Ark missing some official Servers? I realized that when playing the other day my friends on Xbox wanted to play ArkPocalypse, and it was not available to me or my other friend who is also on Windows 10 ark. I don't know the reasoning behind this as Windows 10 players have access to small tribes and official, but why not ArkPocalypse? I was under the impression whenever I bought Windows 10 ark I could play all official servers with my friends wherever that may be.
  3. PvX to all platforms please I was today years old when I learned about PvX if you're like me and never heard of it before you can find it here Game Mode list to me this sounds like a perfect balance between PvP and PvE without separating the two into different servers. It would also give people the opportunity to build back up without worrying about the alphas 24/7 and trying to satisfy them constantly and would offer a new set of server and game modes to attract a set of player who had got annoyed with official. Just wanted to hear other peoples thoughts on it.
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