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  1. Have the gigantopithecus able to carry a smaller ballista and cannon. The ballista can use all types of ammo like tranq, chain-bola and standard bolts. The cannon could do half the damage as a normal cannon, but can fire more shots.
  2. Make more creatures breedable such as: Mantis, griffin, scorpion, drakes etc.
  3. Spaceodin

    New creature

    Aurochs Aggressive herbivore. Females can produce milk that can be given to all babies, giving them about 500 food points. Females only produce milk if a calf is nearby.
  4. Spaceodin

    Giant octopus

    A giant octopus that can go on land and drag dinos into the water. It could have an oxygen meter to determine how long it can be out of the water. It could also climb up walls and ceilings.
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