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  1. They also added it for Skyrim. I agree though, we console players should be able to have access to mods too. I assume we can't because consoles such as Xbox One struggle with Ark. Mine can hardly handle Extinction (sometimes not at all), so imagine what mods would do to Ark's playability on console. Unfortunately console players are the Forgotten.
  2. Mutation Question Hey all, I play on Xbox One and have a question on mutations. I tamed a male and a female Velonasaur, and brought them back with me to The Island. Being I hadn't put any levels into them, I decided to breed. I got lucky with a set of twins that had the higher health/stam/melee stats from the parents. The twins are one male, one female with identical stats and no mutations. If I breed the twins together, is there still a small chance of mutation?
  3. Non-Dedicated Server Transfer Question Hello there. I'm playing with a buddy of mine when he drops in for a visit on a non-dedicated server (local) on Xbox One. After some hard work, we successfully ascended. We'd like to move on to Scorched Earth. My questions are: Will we be doing the character transfers as normal? Do I have to spawn in (on Scorched) and send an invite for him to join once we transfer and have to go back to the main menu, as I do at the beginning of each session? I'm also assuming that when we start the transfer, he'll go first from The Island, then me, and then upon loading Scorched, I go first (being I'm "host") then him. Any help would be appreciated, as I don't want to lose our tames, nor our characters.
  4. I'll give it a shot next time I load up. I've tried the front, sides, back...I'll try standing in it next time. Thanks. EDIT ---- I've tried everything I can in terms of different spots on the chamber to try to access inventory with no luck. I'm unsure what else to do, apart from destroying it and spawning one in and try to place it again, being it took me a long time to farm the mats for it.
  5. Cloning Chamber Help! Hello Ark Community. Perhaps somebody out there can help me with an issue I am having with my newly constructed Cloning Chamber. I have finally been able to make, and place, the Cloning Chamber. My issue is that for whatever reason, I can't access the chamber's inventory to place the element shards into it. There's not even the option to do so. All I have is "Demolish" and "Clone...". The dinosaur I want to clone is standing on the platform, and his....her?...name appears in the action wheel, but greyed out. Tells me I need x amount of shards to clone, which I do have the required amount. I just can't put the shards into the chamber's inventory. Yes, the chamber is powered. The tek generator is turned on and in range. I am playing on The Island on Single Player, on Xbox One. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. I hope that when this new map does come out for us console players, it doesn't crash to home screen after X amount of time, like Ragnarok does. I absolutely love the Ragnarok map, but get annoyed at all the ill-timed crashes. As my friend would say: "Fix your sh*t (Ragnarok performance in this case) before releasing new content!" i
  7. I apologise if this is in the wrong section. I have a question that deals with some technical aspects of Ark, and I'm no tekkie. I play Ark on my Xb1 and would like to enjoy playing with my younger brother WITHOUT the darn host tether. I understand the tether is there to keep the game performance optimal, but the tether should be player's choice, in my opinion. Anyway, back to my question.... My laptop, according to CanIRunIt or w/e the website is, doesn't meet the minimum requirements to run Ark (core game). However, would I be able to put ARK on my laptop just for the purpose of using it as a dedicated server for my brother and I to connect to on our Xb1's just so we can play without the tether? Pretty much just a "local game" to play. Thanks in advance.
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