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  1. First I'd like to apologize if this has been listed elsewhere, if it has been I could not find it. I'll get right into it... While playing I encountered an issue where, if I equip an entire set of Tek Armor and submerge under water, the water renders (or rather doesn't render) invisible. I did extensive searching and only found this similarly described as a config setting to make water do this, a lot of it debate if it's fair or not, and seemingly only PC... but I'm on ps4. However, this seems unrelated to configs because I've never altered anything related to water to my knowledge. I've tried eliminating bloom and light glare (ps4 user, we can't so don't bother trying). Now the debug phase began when I tried to revert anything that may have made this glitch occur, and nothing fixed it. I thought maybe something on the server got messy, so I rented an entirely new server and still had the issue with all default configs. I thought maybe it's my game, I deleted my game, my saves, and my local settings... basically wiped all Ark content... I thought I had fixed it as it was no longer happening, that is until I re-equipped my entire tek armor and it happened again and again. Any single piece can be removed and everything renders normally, but once you equip that 5th of 5 pieces underwater becomes clear as sky. The only workaround I found is equip Flak boots so I still LOOK like I'm in tek but I'm not so I can have water function visibly. For details sake, I was on ragnarok on a g-portal rented server when I first encountered this weird issue.
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