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  1. My tag is Silverflower1 #4002, so i'll message you soon. Edit- @jamescoolcrafter15, my discord is throwing a fit, not letting me start a convo or friend request, so you'll have to friend request or start a convo. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. if you are interested, tell me your discord handle and i'll invite you.
  3. @OtterlyRidiculous Welcome back! We have a discord if you are interested. We do need some new members.
  4. Yup, that’s the discord. Just click the link, we got a server going.
  5. @benjamin.b.nichols you mentioned a discord server, can I have a link?
  6. So, I tried drawing the flying lizard.
  7. Other things that might work are either- Amphitheres, which are like wyrms, except some versions have feathered wings. Probably living on the cliff ruins or one of the forests. Or maybe small shoulder dragons, kind of like dimorphs but maybe a little bit more strong, or like the archaeopteryx so you can move between isles. Spawns in tall forest, maybe. These are the ideas I thought of. Also, the ghost of light looks great for the giant flower forest
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