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  1. code on the side is “Unexpected PSN data detected.” haven’t gotten the spinning ones on the beam yet.
  2. When translating the new code, I got “Verifying Simelation Stability.”
  3. The timer has updated; new code, no laser, weird emblems on the side, and really interesting, pictures of different lands (arks?) are showing in the top.
  4. That line seems to be tough. I've also seen it translated as C2I and C2H.
  5. @ArkTheorist123 i translated the one left of the camera: Previous Directive Runtime: 6.048e+52 i think it messed up, so i might try again.
  6. Also, new pictures: a picture of what looks like the hologram of homo sapiens, the globe, something...tek, and more.
  7. Timer updated! I did one code so far. I think the end of the numbers is a little messed up. System Idle Time: 1.0815953106e+5 Tp
  8. something I'd like to point out, is Helenas 18th note in Aberration. She mentions tubes filled with Homo Sapiens. She also mentions how they might've been made artificially, and that their memories are artificial. She later dismisses this, saying they might be able to reach back in time and grab someone, no matter how unlikely she thinks it is. I just saw this note had to do with the current discussion, and thought I'd mention it.
  9. cool! maybe we could try sending a key through it. I'm not sure if it would do anything, but it might be worth a try.
  10. this might be a weird thought, but has anybody tried messaging the mystery user? are their messages enabled?
  11. Did the music change since that person made that? Because the music sounds different now. Also, the mystery account, https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/profile/1204632-ê€2š¥ëìy/&tab=activity has anybody tried messaging this? idk if it would work, but if they have messages enabled it might be worth trying to send them on of the "keys."
  12. Well, I’m not sure about that, but I do think it has something to do with all that. Do you have a discord? Maybe we could talk about it more on there.
  13. Now, this may seem like a weird topic to talk about, but the music. Ark tends to have music that definitely matches the environment it’s in. This track on the timer, I have a few things to say about it. First of all, when you get the music by itself, it seems to have a lot of...electronic sounding stuff in it. Not the special effects, the music itself. I’ve noticed that pretty much every time the music has that electronic sound to it, it’s linked to tek. Overseer, ascension, a lot of the music in aberration and extinction. Second, it seems to be “mixing styles.” Let me explain. Every story dlc so far has had its own music style; and what they’ve done with some of the free ones, I’ve noticed, is mix the styles together. The most prominent example I have is the Valguero trailer. It is a song from the original island, but slightly stylized like aberration, i’d say. And then, Valguero is like the island, but with an aberrant area. For the timer soundtrack, it sounds like extinction mixed with aberration style. So it probably has to do with tek, extinction, and aberration. I’m not sure y’all will find this helpful, or you might’ve figured some of this out, i just wanted to point out the soundtrack.
  14. oh, yeah! some guy on the communications test thread actually made an email, and has been messaging "Helena Walker." they emailed the account that same thing.
  15. as of right now, it doesn't seem to have too much. The audio files have a bunch of compiled code, but I have no idea how to decompile. One file seemed to include everything that happens to the timer, but I can't be sure.
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