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  1. I usually look for things that are difficult to do. Rock drake egg gathering, reaper pregnancies, surface drop farming, taming titans, etc. But something I’d like to watch a video on is someone making a Tek teleporter reaper trap. Build a trap with Tek teleporter in red zone on ab and lure queen into it and bring it up top in green zone in another trap. Then proceed to bring health down and all that. I know a guy who does this and I tried looking videos up and only found one where the guy doesn’t explain anything and doesn’t tell me how many mats I need to build the traps. I’ll follow and like such a video lol
  2. Gigantopithecus don’t gather fiber Gigantopithecus will not gather fiber when set on wander. They just stop and keep moving but nothing happens. Tried leaving them on wander for hours. Currently on extinction.
  3. Gigantopithecus TLC 2 How about letting the Gigantopithecus be able to use swords and pickaxes? They would be super useful for harvesting element like mantis and you could also equip with sword and helmet and go into caves with them.
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