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  1. Adding an Armor skin to ad a small bonus to what ever saddle that is on the Dino. This way it would work with saddles and not be to OP. Could make different levels of armor and each with an armor skin so you can see it is armored Could do it in tiers like low one would stack +5 armor to the Dino next one could be like 8 points or 10 and so on. This would be fun and even if hard to make it would add good content. It is fun to be able to customize your Dinos with new looks and would also help give a little life to some Dinos like the poor Carnos Or could even take it further and just add armor slots to the Dinos This could go far and add a lot to the game and isn't really touched much The passive skins and normal saddles are all bland and really leaves no room for custom dinos
  2. Um this is already a very good AAA mod here! Dino Patrol by Grebog (he has some of the best mods made for ark) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1184763409
  3. To me these 2 things are the most broken and should have been fixed in first 6 months of release! In real world we are at year 2019 and my tamed Dinos still cant get out my behemoth gate properly! The single thing I hate most in this game is when you get stuck under a friendly dinos head when mounted on another dino. This happens say im ridding my anky and I have 3 carnos on follow (follow distance dosnt fix) Say im going down a hill and a corno falls on me or gets to close (it happens ALOT ALOT!) well everything is stuck Say riding A CORNO and my rex gets to close you are stuck (it happens ALOT ALOT!) Say riding my REX and my lil cornos get to close you are stuck (it happens ALOT ALOT!) On and On this goes and it is almost game breaking for me but I do manage! BUT THIS KIND OF STUFF NEEDS FIXED ASAP GUYS AND GALS! When my Rex cant follow me out of my behemoth gate properly (Bigger gate may help some lol) Something is wrong!
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