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  1. Hey, have you checked out the post I made to see if its something you agree with?
  2. Yes I completely agree with that, In fact that character model too me would be the main reason they should update the player models so that they match up to the rest of the game and keep the quality all in line so the next game can focus on just fully improving things and not taking steps back to red do things they could have fixed before hand. And honestly I d love to just be able to get my characters to cosplay other characters like regina from dino crisis. I like to cosplay in the game kind of sometimes XD. And yeah skins but ones that you don't have to collect, they are just there to change up the look if you want it to, but they will still be/look like your wearing hide or leather etc. They could also always make new armors to fill out the tiers a bit more with more clothing options per tier.
  3. I do agree with a lot of this that you said. though just for like certain things like different looks to armor parts I was just thinking it be you make the armor then you can right click it and then have a list of different versions of looks/ skins for said armor. Then I don't mind more hairs added through events and such but I do hope wed just get normal updates to just add some that are there to use from the start then having to go about the map to get them. Now one thing I think would be better then just small updates to players would be like a dino TLC lvl of updates to players like remaking the models and some systems with the player animations and stuff. I literally have been fantasizing about someone making a mod that over hauls the player characters in all aspects from the model to the animations they have. Like resizing all the weapons and armor to not look off on the player models, maybe allow hair to be seen under helmets and hats, idle animations you can choose to make your character feel more unique etc. Just things to breath new life into the game. Like maybe maybe even animations that have our character actually pet/hug our dinos XD. I literally have tons of ideas for how the character customization and such can be improved, and if I had the skills or knew friends I could help guide with the vision/idea I would do it to help make the game better cause I love ark but some things just rub me the wrong way, and being carbon copies of everyone in game do that to me the most. Also to me donig this change would make it so much better lore wise, since all on the ark are meant to be different cloned people from time I believe and not literal clone army, cause what would be the point of making nothing but identical clones back to earth. Oh and another thing my like Ark 2.0 idea which is sort of the idea I have been calling my like ark overhaul ideas is that once the update or mod is installed you'd get a item in your inventory that is like a syringe that if used would have your character put it in their implant and that would allow you to redesign your character again. Id say you can also craft them but they should be somewhat hard to craft kind of like mind wipe stuff.
  4. starting to think the people who want more player character creation/clothing for our player characters should just make one big co-operative post now instead of having multiple posts. Maybe make one big clear idea of all of our wants in one post maybe?
  5. starting to think the people who want more player character creation/clothing for our player characters should just make one big co-operative post now instead of having multiple posts. Maybe make one big clear idea of all of our wants in one post maybe?
  6. I think the fliers need to be touched up really, maybe give them all cool flying abilities or at least all fliers can perform a dive for extra speed, just so its one way to make fliers fun again and not as lame just flying so slowly, but each flier can get a different way to speed up, like maybe wyverns can do like stronger flaps to go faster maybe? Another idea really could be to add a gliding function that allows fliers to rest and gain stamina while flying instead of having to land.
  7. I have a post with this in it as well and actually think your idea an another I saw fits with my idea as well.
  8. hey I actually had a idea with this involved in it really.
  9. I would love to get a update to our human character (like a TLC) make it so maybe we can be more unique from each other, like able to customize our faces and stuff so we look like other characters or just more unique then being a slightly different version of the same person. and along with this remade human player the outfits/armors can be touched up to be more fitting to the new models maybe even allowing for little customization to the armors we make (like ability to just change how it looks, like a alternate version of the armor so not adding new armors just giving the player a choice of style of the armors look.). Another thing to go with it is to maybe make better animations for the player as well, maybe even update the combat system along with it. More hair styles of all kinds of styles that maybe reference other games be cool too. these ideas are like my own as well and fit perfectly with the idea.
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