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  1. As far as I can tell, there is a trading forum for everything but mobile. As a wanna-be breeder who only does mobile (I own the Xbox version but haven't gotten into it at all), I would like a trading forum.
  2. DarotheWolf


    I am a member now. I cannot for the life of me find the link to the trading forums. Is there something tha I'm not getting?
  3. Can't you just take a storage box and put half of it in the box, then transfer it back but not place in on the other meat?
  4. Ahh... when people post something as useful as that I rlly wish I were a member so I could like it...
  5. Ok! Thanks! New to forums in general.
  6. I have been posting and I have 0 of those point thingies. also, every Time I go on a posting spree, I get a pop up that tells me that I have maxed out my # of posts for the day
  7. I logged in after a hard day at work, almost ready to start breeding after a week of tutorials, only to find a whole in the middle of my base and all my tames dead. It will take a whole other week to get back to where I was.
  8. I play mobile. No yutys. No boars. As I was looking up dangerous northern creatures, almost all of them said "not yet released" for mobile.
  9. Arg!! Your right!! Dododex said it could..
  10. DarotheWolf

    Going north

    So imma go up north for the first time soon. I live on the southern side of the island near the beginnings area. I am still mostly a noob. I plan to go with only a pteranodon as a mount and wearing a mix between hide and chitin. My plan is to pick up a low level wolf and Carry it home to tame it. My main fear is argys. What should I do to prepare?
  11. I did add mobile tag, but I just added a prefix
  12. I have two minor things that they have on pc but not on mobile that I would like: 1. There is no way to see the ancestry tree. I am about to get into breeding for color mutations and I would like to be able to see how many I have on each side 2. When you dye a saddle, it turns all the color. I love customized saddles for dinos, but in mobile, I can only dye the entire saddle. i don't think that either of these would be hard to implement (but then again- I am not a developer) and would love to see them in mobile. Thank you very much if you do this and sorry for any inconvenience.
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