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  1. I play on ps4 and I keep seeing all this "new info" from certain youtuber/youtubers, but it's all for PC, ya we get it PC is better, it started on pc blah blah blah, but it's on console and has been for awhile, we wanna experience all these cool mods too and its frustrating we cant ya we got boosted servers but it honestly gets boring after awhile. We want some love too and if you play on console and feel the same way vote this up it needs to be seen, we want mods, we wanna play the awesome crystal isles map, we wanna experience the modded dinos, It cant be that hard to let this happen, or let console use devkits to make mods something needs to be done and we want a part of what PC gets to experience. Come on console players let's make something happen here
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