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  1. To stop popcorning you shouldnt be allowed to drop single items out of vaults and you should only be allowed to drop 10 items every minute
  2. Onirevas

    Turret genie

    Implement the turret genie from S+ The genie should be in tek tier it should cost 500 element and should have setting for different ranges up to 30 foundations it should also take time to distribute the bullets because instant will be OP it should take 10-30 minutes to fill the turrets or it should scale with the amount of turrets in an area if you do a scale it should be 30 seconds per turret
  3. Tek engrams should be user base and not character based because people lose their characters a lot and leveling that character back up sucks but when you lose all your imprints and tek engrams that you worked so hard to get it really hurts knowing you grinded so many hours for those tames to be way weaker it takes a long time to get a 100% imprint. If you made engrams and imprints user based the engrams and tames people worked so hard to get will be fine
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