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  1. Sorry about the delay but the post has been updated
  2. Rising Rebels Hello fellow survivors, The name is Solar Eclipse. I'll be establishing a new tribe on a randomly selected server, so those of you who want to join feel free to find the server I reside in and call out the tribe name Rising Rebels. The goals of this tribe will be to play through the story of Ark. From waking up on the beach all the way through making the Alpha King Titan take it's last steps. Together we can build, survive, tame, and conquer the Arks and restore our former home, Planet Earth, to its original beauty. So come and join me in the tribe of Rising Rebels, and let's show the Overseers we're not afraid and we can accomplish what they could not. PS: Mature Players only. No rage quit. PSS: post will be updated soon with server name Note: Sorry for the delay been searching for a good server but have finally found one. Extinction officail server small tribes 70. When you join just yell rising rebels in gc
  3. I agree with this idea. There has been countless times I've flown around the map and have seen carnivores working together instead of attacking each other like they would have millions of years ago when they were still roaming our world. But let's not just do it for carnivores, some herbivores have mating rituals as well where the males have a battle of dominance for the favor of the female. On the note don't forget Therizinosuars are naturally territorial, so how come if one walks closer to me while I'm harvesting some Flint it gets aggro, but that Ankylosaurus can peacefully walk into it and it just stands they're like "Oh, hey Bob. Lovely weather today?" Seriously? He gets to walk all over you but I walk in a 10 foot radius of you and you act like I've got a hit out on me? Messed up since of territorial if you ask me.
  4. To give more details on this idea I would like to suggest adding NPCs that are either solo and/or NPCs that are in tribes and they're level of hostility is based off your actions. For instance, a NPC tribe (an eco friendly tribe) in the Red Woods on the Island map are curious but friendly people unless you start being destructive (chopping down trees, aggroing their names) in the vicinity of one of their members. Or make some NPCs naturally hostile as their self preservation has taken over and they mean to do whatever means necessary to survive on the ark. For example, a NPC alliance that lives in a tell habitat under water would try to kill you and any underwater mount of yours as they chose this lifestyle to avoid the dangers that dwell on the surface above, and view any survivor as a threat to their existence. In addition to this, to make it even more challenging to survive in singleplayer, NPC tribes have the ability to do Tribe wars. Well how would you know if an NPC tribe has launched a Tribe war against you? Simple! Listen for the sounds of war drums being played on the back of brontos as they March their way towards your base. Would all NPC tribe wars be the same difficulty? Of course not! NPC tribe wars would become boring after you've survived through the first 5, and become annoying. Instead, make NPC tribe wars difficulty scale based off the level of the single player survivor or the advancement of the NPC tribe. For instance, if you're to scale off survivor level then a NPC tribe wars at level 50 would be much harder to defend against than a Tribe War with a level 5 survivor as the tames of the NPC tribe would be of a higher level and better bred for war. If you're to scale off advancement of NPC tribe then things would be different and more random. What do I mean by this? Well, let's just say you'd be better defending against a Tribe War with a beach front NPC alliance with bows and clubs, than you would be in a Tribe war with a NPC alliance who live in underwater tell habitats that have a Plesiosaur with tell turrets on its back. Lastly, for survivors who want to continue playing without NPCs. Put a toggle true or false option in the game menu for players to select before loading up their saved game or before they start anew. I'm not sure if this what you mean but it's the first idea that comes to mind when I think of NPC tribes in Ark.
  5. Not only that but I personally think that for the people who are hardcore console players that we should be able to download a Dev kit ,like the PC users, on console to be able to make our own mods and enter them in to the sponsored mod program as well.
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