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  1. Started a new Map, Aberration. Stunning environment had me setting up my new base right by the water, tucked in against old metal structures towering above the lake. I found it surprisingly easy to farm and make narcotics so my first tame was a level 250 Stego which happened to wander into my base, lucky me! Though the death toll against Ravagers is high, those sneaky creatures are never around when you want them but when you don't, they're like ninjas. There is so much I still have to see, but I have been focusing on getting a higher level and with the help of other players, my task today is to get some weaponry crafted and go get me a Bulldog.
  2. Hello! Mourned the loss of my fire Wyvern because of lag and biting the wrong dino >.< Got 100 Narcos stolen off me by some devious bird, then watched as a Raptor killed my Trike. I have the worse luck!
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