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  1. Hi guys, I have just noticed a new setting in the 'Advanced' game settings tab right at the bottom of the list to activate events on Xbox single player. Has anyone managed to get this working? I have tried to use it to activate WinterWonderland as a test but it does not seem to work. I have tried typing the event name and typing ActivateEvent=WinterWonderland. Thanks
  2. Hi all, I recently killed the Broodmother Gamma-Beta-Alpha on Xbox One Single player however the implant has not updated to reflect this with the boss names. I have tried reloading the game and killing myself but neither have worked. Any ideas as to what I can do? Thanks
  3. Unfortunatly it cannot be increased beyond 1.0, the difficulty can also not be increased beyond 1.0 (you can type a higer number however it resets itself to 1 upon loading a map.) I try and change them every now and again in the hopes they fix the difficulty level to go above 1.0.
  4. Fragment

    Dino Spawns

    Dino Spawns Hi all, Has anyone noticed very few dino spawn on single player? I find dinos in groups of 2-3 but the are very far apart and it can be either 2 dodos or 3 carnos, 1 trike and a parasaur ect. Is this limited to single player or is it just how this map is meant to be? I have been playing it for around 8 hours so far and have tries 3 dino wipes just incase (I noticed the water in the center of the map contained a lot of water dinos) Thanks
  5. Looks like the most recent update has fixed this not working in single player! No more cryosickness on my game in PvE mode ?
  6. I already have it set to PvE but I will try turning the setting off and on again, thanks
  7. Cry Sickness This is in the xbox patch noted under QOL on v797.15 - 3/20/2020 however it doesn't say it is possible to switch off cryosickness in single player and I cannot find a setting for it. Has anyone else had any luck finding a way to switch it off?
  8. It also seems to be reflecting the hosts screen in the water when player 2 looks at water.
  9. Does the anti-mesh detection effect single player? Does the new anti-mesh detection destroy buildings and dinos in single player? I have been avoiding playing since it was introduced as I have clipping turned off and do not want to log in and have half of my base destroyed or any dinos killed. I play on xbox one if that makes any difference to the answer.
  10. Pros: Raptor Clause: Absolutly love chasing down the falling gifts and seeing what I will get. Winter theme: I think the winter skinned Island was fantastic. I didnt check out the other maps to see if they had snow aswell (I wish I had looked at SE). I honeatly want them to do a seasonal theme that changes with the seasons so leaves falling from trees in autumn, snow covered in winter ect.. Chibis: I like the chibis alot, it was fun collecting them but it did get tiring finding the same 6-7 chibis over and over. Event Colours: This is true for all Ark events, I love the eve
  11. I had this problem aswell, with the Deinos. I found large groups of Deinonychus but no nests after 1 hour of searching in the White Cliffs. I entered the 'Destroywilddinos' command and it fixed it now there are nests in the White Cliffs.
  12. I am experiencing this issue as well both with Rock Golems and Dire Polar Bears. They both say 'Cannot deploy' and their pod picture has been replaced with the Raptor picture.
  13. Just a small change but can we please have Cryopods not remove paint from dinosaurs. I sometimes like to paint my dinosaurs with the paintbrush and was very disappointed to let my favorite Rex out of his pod and find him back to how he was before I painted him.
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