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  1. Fragment

    Split screen issue

    It also seems to be reflecting the hosts screen in the water when player 2 looks at water.
  2. Does the anti-mesh detection effect single player? Does the new anti-mesh detection destroy buildings and dinos in single player? I have been avoiding playing since it was introduced as I have clipping turned off and do not want to log in and have half of my base destroyed or any dinos killed. I play on xbox one if that makes any difference to the answer.
  3. Pros: Raptor Clause: Absolutly love chasing down the falling gifts and seeing what I will get. Winter theme: I think the winter skinned Island was fantastic. I didnt check out the other maps to see if they had snow aswell (I wish I had looked at SE). I honeatly want them to do a seasonal theme that changes with the seasons so leaves falling from trees in autumn, snow covered in winter ect.. Chibis: I like the chibis alot, it was fun collecting them but it did get tiring finding the same 6-7 chibis over and over. Event Colours: This is true for all Ark events, I love the event coloured dinos, ite fun to breed their colours into my lines. Cons: People: People are unfortunatly for me one of the few things that I dislike about Ark (not all people, just some). Last year i played Winter Wonderland on xbox PvE Official and there were players who lured mobs, took all drops, got to drops first ect ect. It was part of the fun, you need to see it like a race to see who gets their first, it can be frustrating for sure when you dont get the drop or you need to kill a pack of Allos lured to the drop and someome else takes it. But it is christmas, it is a fun event and everyone wants to play, i did half of it last year with a pteranodon (I got my hands on a couple of wyvens after that) and managed a few drops but you cant expect to win a race against a wyvern with a ptera, I tried and I succeded less that I failed but it was fun. The race to the drops actually encouraged me to get faster dinos before I was planning too and in turn made the game easier to navigate from that point on. This year however every time I have come on the forums (hoping for genesis updates tbh) all I have seen is post after post of people complaining that others are beating them to drops, luring dinos to drops or that their own fliers cannot compete (although the teleporting of corrupted dinos that I have read about is a dirty thing to do and needs to be fixed). These people seems to want a 'timer' on picking up a drop and as I havent seen any posts against this idea i really hope that it is NOT put into the next winter wonderland. It would make picking drops tedious waiting for timers on single player/unofficial or even official if you are the only one online or nobody else wants drops, we would instead have people complaining that large tribes have 1 person at each drop to take the loot meaning the timer doesnt matter. Chibi: I wish there was a way to put chibis on taxidermy or a display somewhere so we can see them. Also the rare chibis are far to rare. Overall: This was a wonderful event that I thorougly enjoyed however I wish that the community would relax and enjoy events instead of complaining that things dont go their way. Edit: I do like the idea of everyone being able to loot the raptor drop I just really dont want a cooldown timer.
  4. I had this problem aswell, with the Deinos. I found large groups of Deinonychus but no nests after 1 hour of searching in the White Cliffs. I entered the 'Destroywilddinos' command and it fixed it now there are nests in the White Cliffs.
  5. I am experiencing this issue as well both with Rock Golems and Dire Polar Bears. They both say 'Cannot deploy' and their pod picture has been replaced with the Raptor picture.
  6. You can type the number instead of using the slider however it resets to difficulty 1 when you load up the game. I would love the ability to increase the difficulty above 1, higher level dinos in the game would be really fun and make it more challenging.
  7. Single player on consoles should have the ability to activate past events whenever they want. I think it would be a nice addition to single player.
  8. Manually turn On/Off Events on Console I think console singleplayer should get the ability to turn on events like Easter, Winter Wonderland ect whenever we want to play with the event. You are able to activate it on PC and I think it would be a great addition to the console versions to be able to replay past events and see all the colourful dinosaurs roaming the Ark.
  9. Just a small change but can we please have Cryopods not remove paint from dinosaurs. I sometimes like to paint my dinosaurs with the paintbrush and was very disappointed to let my favorite Rex out of his pod and find him back to how he was before I painted him.
  10. I have just read that metal cables have a 8 day timer before auto decay, I ugraded the important parts of my base (cryo fridges, generators ect) to metal to increase the decay timer only to find out after 8 days my power will be gone and cryo fridges will be unpowered. I have spent time remaking my base in single player using creative mode in the hopes that they enable official to single player one way transfers and I can continue to enjoy the game.
  11. I play on Xbox One and am a solo player on official pve, I would like to see a one way transfer from official servers to single player to keep the dinosaurs I have tamed and bred without the use of cheats to spawn them into a single player world. With a full time job and family it has become mearly impossible to keep up with feeding all of the dinos or fuel requirements to keep generators running for cryo fridges. The only way to transfer the dinos you work hard for into single player right now is to use commands to spawn in a dino however they do not have the same stats or mutations different stats and you have to change their colours using another command so this is not a solution. A one way transfer from official to single player would solve this problem as we would still be able to enjoy the game in single player when we have time without worrying that if we go away for any amount of time for work or holidays then all of our hard work and time invested will be undone by auto decay and dinos starving to death. I love this game and want to continue playing it however the time that I have to play the game is spent upkeeping the few dinos out of cryo fridges and making gasoline/oil harvesting to keep my base powered. I have spent months breeding and raising dinos and in a couple of months time I am going away for two weeks. I don't want to come back from my holiday to no dinos and no base, I dont have the time in my life to rebuild my base in metal and so am looking to transfer everything to single player as I feel burnt out and I just want to enjoy the game I have put a lot of time into without worrying about decay timers. Thank you.
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