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  1. I think that console needs either a wipe or just add the conquest servers. Also a 10-15 man tribe server could be really fun
  2. It is extremely hard to build up on Official at its current state. The fresh servers where an amazing idea to help with this. However if they are re introduced then they should be made to where there is no transferring to the servers for 45-60 days. After that time period, there should be another 45-60 days where the fresh servers can transfer between each other. This would give players the chance to get all necessary tames and tek engrams to compete once transfers open.
  3. Console Ark is dead and stale. We need something fresh. Add in Classic pvp servers for consoles to revive it.
  4. Ark on console is dead. The lines are to good and the game is stale. It’s impossible to build up anymore because of the way everyone plays right now. A solution to this would be yearly wipes or continue to add new clusters such as Classic every so often
  5. No, there are so many more people that are waiting for a wipe. The game is stale which is why they need to wipe every year. If they did that then there wouldn’t be a problem
  6. Xbox and PS4 always get left out when it comes to new clusters, so many people would come back and want to see a new cluster. It would revive the game on console
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