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  1. We have almost all chibis except 9 I hope I'll get the Bog Spider Chibi because I think it's so cute ^.^
  2. Don't get me wrong, I love the model of Rockwell in the boss arena but I noticed some holes on the right side of his body when I stand in front of him. One hole on his right arm and one under his tentacles under his ribs (I uploaded a picture). If you could close these holes I would be very happy but if this is not possible for any reason then it is ok :). You probably already have enough to do with other problems. I love this ark character. In the story he do some bad things to other people but before that he do also something good, the recipes, and many inventions that we player could use in the game. Except Nerva I like all the Explorer in the notes but Edmund Rockwell is the most interesting for me and I'm a little bit scared what the story will do to him after extinction. Sorry for my bad english.
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