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  1. On official and smal tribes even, this is a better solution to the problem. You can have defences ready against these dinos, and then all you have to do is tame a golem which is very easy now and steal cryo lines and bam you have usable dinos.
  2. Aside from the fact that the final notes of helena and Rockwell don't imply anything it still is not a valid argument when considering the events of aberration. Aberration had Helena and everyone use a portal to get to earth that they made, not the arks. Ascension was not how they got to earth yet we still got a cutscene of landing in extinction. Also you can argue that unlike helena we ascend to earth from aberration because we beat the boss that was preventing us from going to earth. From what I recall Rockwell became the overseer and therefore its safe to assume the portal is an ascension tool now that we re calibrated the ark. That's exactly why we should ascend from scorched earth to aberration.
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