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  1. Clearly according to the community, the resources should not go elesewhere. You can see that this is only behind pvp concerns and pvp/pve balance changes. This tells you that people want it depiste what you said at the homestead dev stream, especially when considering you guys claim the resources are hard but there are many suggestions. The problem is you guys think new content would be better but we differ. Specifically now, new content breaks the game, an ascension boss and cutscene with new tek may rebalance the pvp meta but it won't break the game like extinction snow owl meshing or mesh h
  2. That is true but I think a better ascension would be to have the oversser as three weaker island bosses followed by the overseer as the manticore. Then when you beat that,(like tek cave but more so arena) You teleport to the main panel and face off a programmed hyrda possessed by the overseer. Afterwards you get the cutscene. All you need is 20 dinos and it is unique enough to be worthy of a fight.
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