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  1. Hello my suggestions are as follows: 1-It would be good to add a selection option, I explain when you enter the inventory instead of having to write the name of things sometimes one wants to spend different things without having to spend all the inventory. It would be nice if you could select a few objects to transfer and only those selected should be transferred. In PC writing helps a lot, but for us the console only write when you have many things of the same type to go through but it is faster to pass them one by one. In short make the game more dynamic because in console is more difficult all that, for example build each time you have to place a wall press the key if you have 100 walls you have to press 100 times that button. Another example when you want to select something from the invetario in the console is later than in PC it would be good to change what is more dynamic. 2- It would be nice if your local host can modify more things, for example the base level of the wild dinos (that is greater than 150) or increase the distance between the players or also the number of stacks that can be added that exceeds the 100 because online can be done but not local and you can choose for example if you can increase the speed of the flyers or increase as was the managarm shot but in local host because in pvp is very OP that. 3- best value in the structures, I say this from experience was Console on a base that had like 200 dragons (no exaggeration think I fell short) and when I approached home the PS4 I froze for about 10 seconds, if It is true that the dinos gave lag but the structures give more lag still and that I had not loaded the whole house. 4 - It would be good to give more life to the PVE because at first this is interesting, but then it becomes boring, weapons are useless, the turrets are useless if you have colossal outside. They could improve it for example by having hordes of some kind of enemy come for example: When you kill the boss for the first time every 1 or 2 days the boss wants to revenge and sends you spiders, Golems or griffins depending on the type of boss. That's all if you do not agree with some point I would like to know to see that they would improve, thanks in advance PD: If you notice the rare medium writing is why it is with the google translator.
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