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  1. First time posting something like this. These are just ideas that I think would be cool and help bring players back or welcome then into the game. Creatures...erhm, creature. In all honesty, there is only one new animal I'd want in the game simply because where I grew up I grew a soft spot for them. COWS! More specifically, Aurochs! These are the following traits of the Auroch: • Powerwise and speedwise, its essential a slightly worse wooly rhino. • There is gender differences. There are bulls and cows. There are also calves! • Aurochs drop the following new resources: Cowhide, raw beef (an alternative to mutton), and horns (bulls). • Cowhide is a different version of hide and is a substitute in crafting. Can be crafted into a floor rug (Direbears, wolves, Sabertooths, Tylcao, are also options for rugs). • Horns are for crafting Warhorns (along with Woolly rhino horns). On a trophy wall, they serve as decorative pieces. • Cows can be milked with a glass jar or canteen. Calves yield raw Raw Veil (a MUCH better mutton alternative but only available if you slaughter, not kill the calf. Cannot be harvested from wild calves.) • Auroch Milk can be harvested from tamed Auroch cows with a glass jar or canteen. Drinking it can fill food and water slowly (actual food and water is better). Its best purpose is to use for imprinting newborns (mammals and wyverns only). Wyvern milk is better but Auroch Milk is more abundant. Like real milk, it spoils quickly. Items: • Warhorn - Crafted with key material being Auroch bull horns or Wooly Rhino horns. Blowing this horn makes your tamed animals Aggressive and come to your aid from much further away. Basically it's a better "Whistle To Attack" with better range. • Chainsaw should no longer be locked to scorched earth dlc. Seriously it made no sense to lock a useful item that can be made with materials found on ALL MAPS. • Jackhammer - This is the chainsaw to the pickaxes. Roughly same materials as chainsaw, gasoline as fuel. Harvests crystal, obsidian and stone, flint, metal ore better. Downside is it's super heavy and uses gasoline for fuel/ammo. So ankylos still useful for metal runs. • Sand is an item on all maps. Serisouly. There are beaches on the Island. Just, goddamn Wildcard. • Taxidermy should be an any map item. But there should also be the ability to assemble skeletons of dinosaurs like museums. • Sand put into a refining forge or industrial forge makes Glass. Glass is an alternative to Crystal. 2 Glass equals 1 Crystal. It takes 10 Sand to make 1 Glass. Have fun picking stones on the beach. • Saddles. There are multiple classes. There are saddles for traveling, hauling more stuff and for combat. No every rideable creature will have a saddle for every class. Parasaurs for example have the default saddle, a hauling saddle but NO combat saddle. Saddles can be upgrade to carry more people depending on the creature. Let's be honest a raptoring Bronto should allow a more than one person at a time to hop versus a Diplo that is MUCH smaller but holds 10 people. • Wardrums act as a worse alternative to a Yuty. They're fairly early level to make so makes sense they do something...actually useful. • Knives. They can be made of bones, stone, metal. They function like in PPlus. • Dead animals (except invertebrates) drop bones. Axe collects more bones. Bones can be used to make knives, arrows, armor, jewelry or decorative. Bones plus " Alpha drops" and animal parts can be used to make decorated posable mounted skeletons of dinos. • "Iconic" dinosaurs can drop body parts. Like Trike horns, mammoth tusks, Rex teeth etc. Cool idea is that sabertooth or rex teeth and therizo claws can be used knives but break easier. • Dino claws and dino teeth can be made into jewelry. Lorewise is has been spoken that people wear trex teeth. Plus who doesn't want a Megalodon tooth necklace? • Grinders can grind certain items into materials. For example Wooly rhino horns can be grinded for decent amount of Keratin. Different leveled items yield their requirement for construction not what primitive items require (I have ascendant metal pickaxes I dont need 500 ramshackle picks so I should get at least 500 ramshackles worth) Environments • Bushes have different colored berries and yield only that type of berry and or its seeds. • Eating a massive amount of a berry type will eventually yield a bounty of seeds. • Long crop plots that can host 3 different types of crops. Plant Species should still require individual plots. Long plots are for veggies and berries. • Ichyosaurs can jump out the water and not instantly die. (A manta ray, a fish, can do this and take damage makes sense. A airbreathing mammal DOESN'T.) • A bit harder to do but I'd love to see custom animations for dinosaurs. I would love to a megalodon jump out to grab something like a real great white shark. Or even better: watch a Trex grab a galli via Jurassic Park. Shaking head and everything. Others: • Explorer notes are voice acted. • Ruins of fairly recent settlements in popular spots on the maps. They can yield valuable loot and materials and blueprints. • Blueprints can level up what you craft. For example you found a blue print to craft an Ramshackle level metal hatchet. You already know to make a Primitive version. You click on an icon that says "Learn Craft Level". Say yes and bam, you can now craft Ramshackled leveled axes. You can only learn more advanced levels if you have learned the required lower level. • MORE ACHIVEMENTS. TO BE PRECISE, DLC ACHIEVEMENTS. I WANT MOAR GOALS! Well, that's all I have today. What do you guys think? I know PVP has balancing issues but I hope someone agrees with some things.
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