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  1. TIA Solo Boosted Tek Custom Drop Easy Tame Valguero This is ARK! Welcome to a community of solo tribes with alliances allowed! Here you will find a balance between PvP and PvE with custom beacon drops and beaver dams. Boosted rates improve quality of life without breaking stats. Easy tame rates, fast egg hatch and fast baby raise also improve quality of life. Tek engrams are automatically learned after the first level up, and element can be found in custom beacon drops and beaver dams. An official event will always be active on the server. Offline raiding protection is not enabled, but offline raiding is highly discouraged. Grieving early game tribes is also highly discouraged. We want to create a community of solo tribes that can form alliances, build creative bases and PvP in a more formal manner - whether a tribe wants to seek revenge on an act of war or if tribes want to battle. The server population cap will continue to increase as the server becomes more popular, and if the server remains popular additional servers will be added as a cluster. The server is also crossplay for PC and Xbox. The server will always be funded and is hosted by Nitrado with no interruptions, unless there are brief changes to the server or WC/Nitrado are doing server maintenance. The server can be found on PC unofficial servers in all modes on the Valguero map and the name is as follows - TIA Solo Boosted Tek Custom Drop Easy Tame. Good luck, and have fun!
  2. Agreed! Whether it’s Lvl 100 or Lvl 105 I think players on official solo PVP should have access to tek engrams!
  3. Mode Suggestion - Official Solo PVP! Haters hear me out! I assume a large majority of the community prefer to play official PVP within tribes with a goal of becoming alpha/mega tribes. However, I would bet there is also a good amount of the community that prefer to play solo! And with all current official modes it makes it virtually impossible for a solo player to SURVIVE! Official Primitive + is a simple alternative, but that mode isn't getting fair updates and seems to be "dead." Official Small Tribes was a wonderful mode addition that has seemed to decrease the amount of servers ruled by mega tribes, but a tribe of 2-6 can still take major advantage of solo players. Official PVE is likely a suggested alternative to official solo PVP, but it doesn't afford the thrill of retaliating against someone or raiding a base with some known good loot. Official Solo PVP would also give players with skill an opportunity to showcase those skills! There are skilled players in base design/defense, taming, breeding, raiding, etc. and those skills collectively improve among solo players. There is zero skill in joining an alpha/mega tribe and bullying smaller tribes or solo players. There is zero skill in grieving servers with high level breed lines from alpha/mega tribes. There is zero skill in soaking uncapped turrets (because it takes a ridiculous amount of bullet grinding to cap turrets as a solo player) and destroying a good defensive base design. There is zero skill in raiders exploiting solo tactics (small base designs, raft bases, hidden base designs) used that are necessary to expand as a solo player. Give solo players an opportunity to showcase their skills and enjoy the essential aspects of the game as intended for official PVP as well! Suggested settings for Official Solo PVP: 1) Increased Rates - at least 6x would seem appropriate so that a solo player doesn't have to spend a ridiculous amount of time expanding (3x on small tribes is adequate, but not high enough for a solo player). 2) 2-3 Map Clusters with No Cluster Server Transfers - this would not only create a genuine sense of community (retention of players would probably be a lot higher too) but it would also prevent teamers/trolls from easily grieving servers. 3) No Alliances - speaking of teamers, no alliances would encourage every man or woman for themselves! Changes to the code of conduct for official solo PVP servers would also give players an opportunity to report such abuses. 4) Tek Engrams Enabled at Lvl 100 - boss fights are literally impossible as a solo player (without exploits) so there is no chance of ascension. However, solo players should still have the opportunity to access tek engrams with as much xp gained at lvl 100! I'll make this suggestion in the new format coming out tomorrow, but I was foundation wiped Sunday evening by two players (with a stego and arthropluera) on small tribes official after spending at least 12 hours from Friday to Sunday morning setting up what I believed to be a great exterior and interior defensive base with what amount of bullets I could manage to put in a dozen turrets after working to that point for a month. So I want to quit ARK, but maybe Cedric will see this and have something to say before I officially quit!
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