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  1. @Cedric Care to give the people and update ??
  2. Ive heard 2 weeks or more. But its hard telling when WC keeps their customers in the dark for 30 hours
  3. And the crappy thing is that a moderator will comment on this telling me to post it in the support part of the website and then block comments. The entirety of my tribe posted and got no help at all.
  4. Whose all quitting? So after this BS with the devs saying "We will keep you updated" and then leaving everyone in the dark for almost 30 hours whose all planning to quit Ark? In a lot of the discords I have seen numerous people talking about quitting. I do not blame them, I myself will probably be quitting as well. I understand and respect the reason for the Devs disabling the server transfers but to leave paying customers and loyal customers in the dark on vital information to the game is ridiculous. People are losing a lot of stuff because of this and it seems to be the same thing every time. They post the little "Ps4 Transfers Disabled" at the top of the "Survivetheark.com" web page with a note saying "They will keep us updated" and then they never keep us updated. Its just starting to get old. I have lost over 2k tames to exploits and glitches in their games...Thats a lot of hours wasted considering that gigas take a ridiculous 11 days to raise just to lose them to exploits and not get any help at all from the devs. They keep giving us more and more reasons to quit with no real reasons to stay. No one wants more maps...What we want is you to fix the broken pieces of your amazing game.
  5. I got 1021 dev wiped for meshing us but they didn’t give us anything back. Hundreds of hours wasted on this poop game.
  6. It was me and my tribes tames. Not just mine.
  7. Mesh protection So has it gotten to the point now where the devs just don’t care they are losing players daily due to meshing? We lost 2k tames to meshers and we submitted tickets for months with proof. Also Tobida came on our server WHILE IT WAS HAPPENING! And yet nothing was done...Hundreds of hours lost. And now our new allies just got meshed and lost 1600 tames. If your not going to fix your game WC at least let us set up our OWN mesh protection without consequences.
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