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  1. i Paid $60 for the game and the last fully new servers you came out with on console was small tribes almost 2 YEARS AGO
  2. Love to see that you guys are giving love to the console players
  3. I paid $60 for this damn game... least you can do is try to make the maps playable. Every time you die on an you blue screen. There are spots on rag where you can’t go, us ps4 call it the “blue screen zone.” Every other time you die on Val you blue screen. Get your poop together or lower the price of your game.
  4. Yay new dlcs... can’t wait to reload my crossbow 3 times on those maps too
  5. Damn fix your game is really specific... these things cost money and fix your game doesn’t help. What should we do fix meshing? Their working on that and they’ve done a lot so far. Fix duping? Takes a rework of the game and takes way too much money. Fix the cave meta? Take out Titian’s ez claps. Add new cluster? Costs money that wc doesn’t have enough money for. I propose a new buyable item... skins like rust, have skins for the industrial items, weapons, and armour. Just aesthetic though no pvp/pve advantages.
  6. 39 official servers and only 12 small tribe servers? 30 of those servers have less that 70/70 and small tribes has at least 71/70 all day
  7. I spent 4 hours to get on a serv and that set us back so far I mean we didn’t get the base spot we wanted and our raft got raided in less than an hour 200 ppl on one small tribes serv is way too much!!!!! Make more small tribe servers for console
  8. So no small tribes for console?! Was kinda expecting some I mean we kinda waited a month for them
  9. Do you really think that ark made getjacked, HOD, Muntage, and kishko popular... no they did that for themselves and how many people do you think they brought to the game? Youtubers/streamers advertise the game everyday. Maybe the first players that came to ark heard about it from other sources but content creators are one of the biggest reasons that ark is still alive. Yes WC does advertising but who reacts to that? Who does news stories on the community crunches? If YouTube/streaming isn’t a introducing people to the game why when WC announces something they stream it and put it on YouTube? If your argument is that all the players of ark came onto the game then why when the game first came out in June 2015 why did it only have 43,000 people playing to a peak of over 100,000 people playing in November 2018 (taken off https://steamcharts.com/app/346110)? That’s just pc, imagine how many people came to console. All of that doesn’t come from “word of mouth” that comes from mainly YouTube and Twitch and the people who work their asses off putting content out to promote themselves and the game.
  10. I wouldn’t use the same words as Wrath but it really shows the frustration in the console community. Granted he (Wrath) said to torture the devs and programmers but still console players feel like the middle child of WC. Console players have a part in paying their (WC employees) bills and we just want enough respect from the then to at least give us access to the same content at the same time.
  11. What are you on? Streamers and youtubers are one of the only reasons ark is where it’s at. One streamers and youtubers do what they do free of charge from WC. Two if they didn’t bring most the people to the game what did?
  12. What you said about “it’s not their choice that people try to make money off streaming” is such BS because if there weren’t streamers streaming or Youtubers making videos ark would’ve died in early access. Where did you find out about ark? Not everyone has the money for a PC and that’s not their fault, most console players spent $60 on the game just like most PC players did. Also what you said about PC being early access, where is that said? WC never said that dlcs came out earlier on PC.
  13. One free to us but it makes them money, two I have the right to complain. WC puts console on the back burner and the more we speak up about issues like servers never coming out less often, maps coming out later, and the devs not enforcing TOS the more they’ll recognize us (hopefully).
  14. If you payed 6 bucks on a coffee and it came out 20 minutes late and it was cold would you be mad?
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