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  1. thanks, you are a very nice person, how do i recommend you to other people and/or give you positive feedback.
  2. Ok so i am Canadian, and i play mostly on NA servers and most of the time it's fine, but the past week or so it has been really laggy and i have been crashing more than 6 times a day, it is really annoying me and if there is any way to fix it i would like to know. Thanks in advance!
  3. thanks for the help do you have any tips on getting chitin i need a pteranodon to get over there
  4. i am wondering how to get better as a solo player, not necessarily pvp because i would consider myself pretty decent at it. I am more looking on how to get better at base building, and spots for bases that are hidden and won't get wiped within the first day. I am also trying to find out where the beaver dams are on rag, i currently have no cementing paste and i live in a raft base made out of stone, i also have a mutated dilo and a mastercraft flak gauntlet, boots, and a helmet (the alpha gave them to me) if anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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