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  1. @StudioWildcard @Jen @Cedric @AnybodyAtWildcardWithAnswers Seriously, what is going on with all these updates? the patch notes haven't been updated since 302.41 and now we're on 302.6....
  2. I second this suggestion, it has been very frustrating not being able to log on with my preferred platform (Linux). According to https://steamdb.info/depot/346112/ the depot for the linux version wasn't updated for 28 DAYS! that's ridiculous!
  3. I did with the last update.... they just told me to submit a bug report on their google docs page
  4. Still no response from WC. I wonder if they even look at the forums...
  5. I never see any responses to any of these posts about not receiving Linux client updates, I wonder if they see the posts and just ignore them or if they even look at the forums in the first place... Even a... "F U linux nerds, get windows" would be better than the complete silence that we are already getting.
  6. I tried it to run the windows version with proton, but battleye wont load.
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