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  1. More intuitive controls for dinos that allow rider weapons For most dinos that allow using weapons while mounted, having the camera constrained to a front-facing view and having the strafe keys turn the dino isn't that bad, because the dino normally cannot turn in-place by rotating the camera or strafe side-to-side, and some dinos like the rock drake have a special movement mode (climbing) that requires being able to turn at all times. However, for the dinos who can, for me at least, the controls feel extremely awkward and unintuitive when using a weapon while mounted. Being unable to rotate the camera to turn the dino and having the strafe keys suddenly rotate the dino feels wrong and unintuitive. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. Therefore I propose that the following creatures that allow rider weaponry that also have the ability to turn in place by rotating the camera, have their control scheme reworked to allow the movement of the mouse to rotate the dino itself when weapons are drawn: Araneo Beelzebufo Karkinos Mantis Pulmonoscorpius In addition, the following creatures that allow rider weaponry that can both strafe side-to-side and turn in place by rotating the camera, should have their control scheme reworked to not only allow movement of the mouse to rotate the dino itself while weapons are drawn, but also prevent the strafe left/right keys from being remapped to turning: Gigantopithecus Griffin (Flying only; on the ground it moves like a Sabretooth. In addition, it would need to have the ability added to turn in place, since it can only strafe) None of these creatures are top tier in pvp or "meta", but it would be nice to see them become a little more useful due to being a good weapon mount.
  2. It's a glitch. I haven't looked at the devkit to confirm exactly why it happens, but this is a pretty good guess: While you're riding a dino, the dino is technically "you" as far is the game's programming is concerned, so when a leech attaches to it, it's your camera that gets the leech graphic. Only problem is, the screen effect that shows the leech is tied to the leech effect that created it and only removed when that leech effect is deleted from the world, which is accomplished when it's removed from whatever it's attached to. Thus, it persists even after dismounting, and must be removed from your dino to remove it.
  3. If the Magmasaur turns out to be fully immune to fire and heat damage, imagine the benefit versus event bosses like the Dodorex or the King Titan's meteors? I imagine we won't be able to take this behemoth into actual Boss Arenas, though.
  4. The link for the gpg is actually incorrect; the URL is actually pointing to the message from last MM despite what the link text says. However, if you copy the link location and change the URL to what the link text says, you get the correct one: [LOG_RECEIVE] Terminal Entry MM-10 [LOG_RECEIVE] Wheels and treads would melt here, [LOG_RECEIVE] but native life adapts, as always. [LOG_RECEIVE] With enough insulation and cooling, we adapt too.
  5. Man, I'm really sad I missed the last 3 of these! I'm kicking myself for not checking the forums more often; I didn't know these posts were starting up again. Good job on completing them so fast, guys! Congrats to everyone who's gotten all the new trophies so far.
  6. Honestly, I'm not too broken up if mine is removed by accident. I'm just glad we cracked it finally! I stumbled upon the input box answer for the first puzzle the same way Aikar got his correct answer; we were both given the keys, we were just the first to put it in the lock and turn. Cheers to all involved!
  7. Here's hoping whatever script they run to correct it doesn't delete mine; I actually earned mine from the first puzzle! I just input it in case it was intentional and there was some sort of list tracking who got it.
  8. Congratulations! The box doesn't appear to have vanished yet though, but you do have the trophy!
  9. Great find guys! This is the most concrete thing we've found yet. Props to @arkark for giving people the idea on how to interpret the sequences. If all of them line up, what does it spell?
  10. I'm curious what they typed, since the prompt box is still active hours later.
  11. If you look at the start and end of each line, they match up. If there is a loop theme to it, it's likely per-line. @jsteel Alright, good to know. I know how to use outguess but the setup is annoying, since it's 32-bit only.
  12. Has anyone tried just running this picture through outguess with the old "AP" key? The picture's name is out.jpg.
  13. I jumped the gun, my bad. All it did was formally change to the Stage 5 video that someone found earlier.
  14. Yeah, I think the tag change on the topic means that this puzzle is over with, and we're just waiting on the countdown timer to slow-drip updates. I'll keeping an eye on the G page, same as everyone however, in case something new turns up related to this.
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