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  1. While i do agree it may have been better to say this a couples days or a week ago but their choice is a good one as you don't know whats going on in the devs lives and their are the rioters and looters that are distracting people from the protesters who are actually trying to make a change. The postponement may be a disappointment but its the right choice.
  2. i am so exited for my first fear evolved event it looks amazing
  3. hey interface its so cool you got that on here the sugar glider is so cute and seems to fit perfectly with the DLC idea
  4. anyone else notice that the portals in ark.gg/g look like the anomalies from the BBC show Primevil
  5. i have decoded one text Bommand Reoeived: syscheck which im pretty sure is Command Received: systemcheck this is takes a while
  6. no it was updated today and there is more text i have decoded 2 words so far and thank you
  7. what website allows you to decode the tek writing? and saying tek helmet will not help as im trying to decode the tek writing in the countdown
  8. now the real question is the countdown counting down to an announcement or a release
  9. anyone know of a way to translate the tek language that you see in the ascension cave and in extinction? nvm i don't need it anymore
  10. I wonder where chichoose got their Dark forest idea it is a really cool concept I love the art I only ask because I have a DLC suggestion on here and one of the biomes is the dark forest and that's how I imagine it except with a black fog/mist good job
  11. I agree with new dinos if it comes with new DLC's and I think they need to update old dinos but I don't think we should deadline them to do 1 updated dino a month if we want quality TLC's we need to give them as much time as possible instead of hounding them to get stuff done fast. I rather wait for a good quality update than a quick cheap update
  12. it will if the Ark Additions mode comes to console
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