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  1. there are a few things i actually like about the switch version: 1. the graphics are so poopty its reeeeeeally easy to hide your stuff. 2. the population is not as dense and the people are generally nicer. 3. i am poor and cant afford anything else but i still get ark.
  2. I really like how you guys seemingly take down servers without notifying anybody. even highly populated ones. really awesome feature. i´m gonna get the "F'#ck this. ill play something else" DLC soon. cant wait :3 all we want from you, are a few senteces every few weeks. or at least the statement that you have abandoned switch.
  3. hey guys. does anyone know if its possible to have bases on multiple servers? like have one main server where u live and have a few "outposts" on other servers? or do your belongings degrade when you jump to another server? thx in advance
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