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  1. Don’t expect these dates to be at all accurate. Looking forward to Crystal Isles, wish it wasn’t stripped down but still looks fun and at least somewhat balanced. Really hated Genesis Pt. 1 sooo really hoping pt. 2 is more like what we’re used to.
  2. Super excited for crystal isles (especially since Genesis has been a robbery and a joke!) this new flying Dino looks OP and super fun to play with! Can’t wait!! Hopefully CI will be on console soon in June!
  3. Appreciate the communication! Stoked for Genesis!! The valentines event should have been skipped as these events are cool but should be last on the priority list. Glad to see the efforts to improve the base game and prevent meshing is improving. Love this game and will continue to support. Thanks again for the communication!
  4. How about... now here me out, instead of working on rolling out these events spend more time on rolling out Genesis which people have spent money on for a pre-order which originally had a release date in December 2019. At the very least provide some more transparency into a possible release date, why the original release date was false, or perhaps start issuing refunds.
  5. This holiday promo stuff in my opinion is a waste of time when you have foundational issues with the game (meshing) that everyone is aware of and yet has not been solved although I do appreciate that you are being open with your attempts to resolve this issue I will like to make two points that I believe would be beneficial for the further development of this game. The major point I want to make is obvious and as already stated above, although these holiday promotions may be fun and cool for some I think that it is a waste of resources that could be otherwise spent fixing the fundamental issue
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