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  1. And you sir are the epitome of the toxic people in the game..the same people who rip someone in chat for complaining or simply being ignorant to certain info in a game as expansive as Ark. I’m not a tech guy but I’m sure in this day and age if enough attention was given by the right people it would much better, it’s like somebody building and selling a high-end exotic car just to fail you repeatedly and consistently on the road. As far as me “only making a single post” well I’m busy enough..I don’t usually waste my time debating the game, I’d rather just play when I can. And to your point of “they deserve credit “ if you recall I did just that. I knew I’d get at least one reply like yours but I had to say what I felt anyway. God bless you and have a great day.
  2. WC is the wort developer ever I am a day one beta player who’s never complained in a forum before, and like everyone have lost more than I can calculate to this game (Dino’s, gear, structures, etc. and most importantly TIME) due to unintentional glitches and failures and a million other issues in gameplay. This may be the best game idea ever, however WIldcard has a proven track record of completely ruining the experience with poor management, support and in general everything they do. I can’t believe they are so far deep in dlc’s while the game and players continue to suffer from many (old and new) issues with the game. No other gaming developer would’ve survived even a fraction of the time that they have. I’m almost as disgusted with myself for continuing to play. I only wish they could be treated the same way by a company they depend on. In most businesses there is a check and balance of accountability to keep them inline. However Wildcard is held accountable to no one but the players and stock holders for their actions. And as long as they’re making money who cares about the players? The reason they don’t care is simple there is no other game like it. I’ve been angry at games before but never to this extreme! I personally believe Wildcard should be drove out of business and another developer take over, or perhaps somebody build a game that can compete with it and destroy the monopoly they now enjoy. The worse part is they know how bad they’re treating us and simply do not care (evidenced by their feeble half-measures and drastic changes that alienates and hurts the players even worse) IGN or some other gaming news source should expose them for the awful developers they are!
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