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  1. Good for ya Adam, tame sniping is my favourite hobby too! Grappling hook on a hovering ptera and shooting the hacker Alpha's tame, haven't been caught till now, sweet justice
  2. I remember the good times when I can hide a bunch of Dino's in the air, forest etc while pissing off and talking poop to Alphas, they searched for me everyday... Point is, I'm okay getting wiped if someone found my stash or Dino's via legit gameplay, but constantly getting the shaft cuz some losers uses hack is extremely depressing
  3. Adam, I appreciate your optimistic nature, the hackers missed your mid air pteras cuz they ain't looking. If they are targeting you, you'll be wiped within hours unless you're in an Alpha tribe holding up in a fortified base
  4. Currently there are several game breaking hacks in the game, 1) players can increase size of other players and their Dino's so there's no way to hid and be easily killed 2) players can scan the entire map and pin point other players Smith, lathe So far these are the game breaking hacks I found existing in the game, is the developer gonna resolve and patch this soon? If not I don't see the point of continuing playing the game anymore, please resolve this!!
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