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  1. Transfer issues - bug? When trying to transfer out at an obelisk, my “Join with character” button is greyed out even when I manually click the server (or any server). Relaunching/relogging didn’t work. I checked on the server to see if there was an accidental clone but there isn’t. Anyone else having this issue today?
  2. Update: Not the reply I was hoping for. It seems Wildcard favors and prioritizes larger tribes over smaller ones. Unequal representation.
  3. Okay, thank you very much. I feel a bit relieved, I appreciate the info
  4. Proof of tribe ownership? So, I got a reply to a Lost Character ticket. I was owner of my tribe of three people. The requirement to give me ownership back was that 3-4 tribe mates were to attest that I was indeed the tribe owner. Um...minus me, there’s only two others. Is 3-4 people a strict requirement for proof of ownership? What do they do about smaller tribes (if they would)?
  5. I had a feeling it might be a long wait time for me at a time like this.
  6. Lost Character questions for Official PVE Hello, this isn’t a complaint on a technical issue but more on a question about protocol. When you’ve lost a character through transfer, gone through the steps in-game to look for it, and submitted a ticket with proof of character (with a picture of the implant, sample ID, and character level and stats) what is the general outcome that you’ve personally experienced? Do you usually get your character back when you have proof? If so, how long did it take you? I’ve played most of my Ark life on Legacy so I knew I wouldn’t have gotten help if that were the case, but this is my first time for this to occur on Non-Legacy Official PVE cluster. I wanted to get an idea of how long the wait times have been on submitted tickets of this nature and whether or not recovering characters have been fruitful.
  7. Has happened to me on Valguero server. Spent 7 hours gathering 10 nice level ice wyvern eggs from nests. Hatched some, and wanted to bring them over to island to raise with my other babies. The eggs disappeared from my inventory upon transfer, and the 2 baby ice wyverns that hatched couldn’t be deployed on the receiving server. I also spent time raising 8 more baby ice wyverns to adulthood on Valguero. As a test, I tried to bring one of the grown adults over yesterday only for it to not deploy out of crypod. Lightning wyverns I brought from another map went in fine. I have a feeling it’s Dino specific on certain maps. It’s not a duping issue, seems for certain.
  8. Multiple server maintenances? What’s up with all the server maintenances? There’s been 4 or 5 in the past 48 hours. I’d like to know what they’re trying to fix?
  9. Someone’a chibi exp on my server reset as well; it happened after the server maintenance earlier today.
  10. Event color poofed? Is it possible for event colors and gender to poof and switch after a Dino is cryopodded? I had raised a black, red, and white female lightning wyvern and had podded it up the other day. I threw it out and it’s normal colored and male. Has that ever happened to anyone? I haven’t gone through the transmitter/obelisk. Could this have occurred due to the update? (Not asking for a fix since I’m legacy, we get no help lol...)
  11. New patch, I think. Probably addressing the login lock/host connection failures/crashes. Their twitter stated they were going to deploy a fix about 32 minutes ago.
  12. Same here. Login lock, host/connection failure, and crash. (Legacy)
  13. Ah alright, thank you for the intel, I appreciate it. I'm relieved that it's not just me, though it's also unfortunate it's happening to others.
  14. Anyone else's server still down? It was announced that a 15 minute maintenance would occur about 35-45 minutes ago. I still see that the server I was on is still down (it shows as "offline" on BattleMetrics) and wanted to see if anyone else was having the same problem? (Official Legacy PVE EU 919, I know they may not do poop about anything for Legacy but just wanted to put it out there and see if it was a widespread issue or just the server alone).
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