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  1. It's within the circle near the right hand side I think on a slight cliff.
  2. Hi do you prefer chatting on here or on xbox live? I only just saw your message about if I quit the server which I won't be doing I'm going to get my mate to message you in a little while about joining.
  3. On a different matter, if you have any advice to a noob on the best way to tame a trike I'd be grateful trying to get 1 is doing my head in lol.
  4. It's not to much mate I was actually on this afternoon just making arrows and practicing I'm enjoying the game I wish I could get on there more if you did want me to leave please just give me a heads up if not I have a friend at work who goes on more than me who would maybe join it depends on if he would want to start from scratch at present he only plays on a single game which must be boring.
  5. I've noticed I'm on my own all the time I'll let you know if I was to leave. I would say having the crosshair would help me a lot I understand about the green beam and to make it harder.
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