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  1. Kangaroo cant gather berries. I was wondering when will Kangaroo be able to pick up berries. I understand brontos gather more in big areas BUT with Kangaroo I can put inside base. Move around quicker. I also noticed they are glitchy or something. Adding chain lowers hp instead. Please update Kangaroo to gather berries.
  2. I heard adding extra layer of foundation and wall plus spike wall in between will stop them. If you catch them inside... take in game pictures and report them. Devs email me back letting me know does players I reported got banned. I went back to server and told other. Many happy players now lol
  3. Players stealing via Gltich I have sent out 2 reports of asian players using narcotics to get inside base and stealing fertilized eggs. I caught them inside. My report includes a picture of them inside my base. They need to get banned. How can I continue to hatch anything when I have to worry about this. That includes eggs that are Super Fertilized.
  4. Tek Rifle & Element I was informed yall gave away tek rifle and Element for free for very short limited time. Seem completely unfair for the time given. People sleep and work. Would of been better to give everyone like our monthly rewards for primal pass players. Something I could of collected when I logged in. I'm lvl99 been playing since game came out. Please reply with any information about this. Thank You
  5. PVX HARD PRIME SERVER What happened to this server? I logged in 12 hours ago and now it's gone.
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