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  1. Couldn't agree more! Valguero just doesn't seem worth while to travel to apart from the new dino (which is ok at best), they could have at least added nameless and rockdrakes becuase what's the point of lightpets if there are no nameless or reapers.
  2. Couldn't agree more, a lot of people would love to see some life breathed back into Scorched Earth. Weather that's with an ending or something else.
  3. As well as the dinos you have listed here i think the megalodon is in need of a TLC considering how useless they are now. And they look ugly.
  4. I must say this would be really cool to see, but because Wildcard doesn't like to expand upon old content i doubt this would ever happen. We would be lucky enough to get an Ascension let alone an extension of the map. Although i do agree there are a lot of things Wildcard can do to make this map relevant again.
  5. Amen to that, I don't think wildcard fully realise how much the community wants them to expand upon old content wether it is SE or something else. If they really want to revitalize Scorched Earth then they need to give it something that rag doesn't have and that is worth traveling to the map for (Phoenix doesn't count), i mean look at Valguero it has an aberration trench but that trench doesn't have any of aberration's popular creatures (e.g Basilisk, Reaper, Rockdrake, nameless). The only reason i could think as too why they would do this, is because they don't want aberration to lose va
  6. Couldn't agree more, The devs saying Scorched Earth is finished is complete bs considering they planned to have an ending. There is a Tek wyvern saddle and manticore overseer variant in the devkit. Scorched Earth doesn't in anyway shape or form feel finished without an ending, especially considering that becuause of this it is a plot hole in the story.
  7. Agreed, Scorched Earth needs an ending. It doesn't feel finished without it.
  8. The reason Scorched Earth is a story ARK is because there are all the explorer notes on it, showing us the previous survivors story's there and new ones. A Scorched Earth Ascension was planned but never made it into the "finished" product.
  9. As many people have said in this post before, Scorched Earth needs an endgame bossfight as well as a proper Ascension. Why bother adding in new content that is likely to break the game even more when you can add/fix the current content in the game. Listen to your community they clearly want this, and they clearly care about the current game you gave crafted for them. The community really wants to you focus on what you have currently, not what you don't have.
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