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  1. Well its that time again Ark is making another community voted dino. I had heard the last time this happened some youtuber had his lackeys vote for a creature that HE wanted, not what the community voted for. If this is true he will absolutely do it again. Everyone was very upset about it if it was indeed his fault alone that Dinopithicus is going to be in the game. Yet no one did anything about it. It never makes sense when people have the power to change something they don't like yet they INSIST on complaining about how terrible such and such is. Since that person doesn't know any better how
  2. Mistakes happen. You learn from said mistakes so they do not continue to happen. Wildcard does not learn from said mistakes. Proof of this is still large amount of critical glitches such as game crashing when uploading a character. Story Ark Dinosaur levels stuck on 120 instead of 150 even though the slider is at max and the checkbox is on. Its really pathetic and they ignore all these glitches cause not enough people are reporting the same glitch.
  3. Oh yeah i absolutely noticed. Its a cash grab. Bad companies do that. But we all support a bad company so its our fault really
  4. It takes alot of time to submit these bugs to you incompetent developers. Its so frustrating that i have to take 10-15 minutes to report your game not working. Tf are your testers good for? Anyway, Singleplayer force allow cave flyers does not work in both Non Dedicated Sessions and Singleplayer modes. This occured on Genesis 2 but knowing you as a scumbag company the rest of the maps probably have this issue too. You wanna fix this extremely simple mechanic that would take hardly a day and money to fix or you wanna keep ignoring all the issues people submit cause your game stays growing unsta
  5. Oh you released Ark on another platform? You gonna leave that one in the dust and never update it like the one on Switch?
  6. What in the world just happened? The patch version spiked to over 200 versions?
  7. Does anyone remember that one post that had the statistics of how often survivors die across platforms and Xbox was extremely high compared to the other platforms? I find it so funny and proves a lot of peoples negative comments towards this game and the people who made it. You would figure as a developer you look at that and go "Huh the death rate on this platform is astronomically larger than the other platforms combined... Must be people havin a hard time" Well yeah Xbox survivors are absolutely having a hard time. Not because they suck, but because the game is so poorly optimized on xbox t
  8. I think it would be super cool if you could display normal creature trophies on the trophy wall mount. If not all of them at least the above average difficult ones such as Alpha Trophies and Tuso Tentacles. Its a shame that theres alot of trophies yet a very small amount can be displayed. I wouldnt expect EVERY trophy but definitely at least some Alpha Trophies and Tuso Tentacles.
  9. Oh yeah. Singleplayer serves nothing more than a test run of what works so they can push whatever they added to the servers. For some odd reason these issues dont happen on servers yet they happen on the platform they "tested" on. I feel all of you i played on xbox the longest. Xbox Singleplayer forces you to cheat. Such as typing in "Ghost" in the command prompt every time you wanna grab a meshed drop. Typing in the GFI for Artifact of the Skylord. Game crashes every time you either drop an Aberration Artifact from its container or pick it up from its container. Like ive been contacting these
  10. Ark takes up with all the current dlcs both paid and free over 330GB of total data. That is insanely overkill. Warframe (an mmo) was able to down the file size on the Nintendo Switch. It would be nice if you guys figured out how to erase some data on Ark to free up some space. Even 1TB (which i dont have) hard drives thats over a quarter of space for one game alone. Thats simply too much. You guys can totally ease up on some files or something. The game is so big theres gotta be so much as even a few files that can go away without hindering the games performance or anything critical
  11. On PC Steam theres a few singleplayer issues. One of those issues is: Flyer Carry PVE option keeps turning itself off every time i log off a map in Ark. While yes it is singleplayer and thus no reason to have PVE on. Waiting 300 seconds for the cryo sickness is a pain to deal with. So its better to have PVE on. But since its singleplayer why not be able to carry small dinosaurs? Now the option does stay on and is activated when im in the map. But the second i log out it turns itself off. Its very annoying and i cant imagine it would take much to fix that. The second issue is: Story Arks max di
  12. Ark with all the dlc both paid and free take up over 330GB. That is insanely absurd. I get that the default hard drive now a days is 1TB. but 330GB is still a huge chunk of 1TB of data. Sadly i only have a 465GB Hard drive. And with literally nothing else installed other than default programs such as drivers and such i only have 49Gb left. Does anyone have a rough estimate or guessimate to how much data The Lost Island is going to take up?
  13. Astrocetus warping away? Tek Skiff Cannon or Bloodstalker Rocket Launcher method not working? HAVE I GOT THE THING FOR YOU! A Mek! With the Mek Siege Cannon Module you can one shot knockout any astrocetus! 150 assuming is the max level. Youll only need one shell but bring more in case you miss! Worried about the effectiveness going down due to splash damage? Easy! Just lure it to a behemoth gate and close the gate in hopes its head will be sticking out the closed gate. Fire away and the splash damage will not occur should the space whale get hit while its head is poking out the closed gate!
  14. So in Singleplayer all of the "Does NOT take place in the genesis simulation" missions are not avaliable and those are the easiest to do by yourself with a great tek bow or giga. They are also great for farming hexagons but they are not showing up. I cant imagine its because you cant do those missions without a group cause a single normal stat 100% imprint bred Giga can do the Alpha Velonasaur Stalk and Shadowmane Prowl missions with minor hesitation at best. Does anyone know or have any theories as to why in Singleplayer Xbox they took out the easiest solo missions to do?
  15. On my singleplayer file since the update supply drops have been giving exclusively primitive items. Even red drops. I have it turned up to x3 quality and its still not giving me so much as ramshackle or slight above average primitive. And since there arent any patchnotes i can find (if you know where the recent update patch notes are feel free to share) i assume this is a bug. Now my theory is if i reset my data itll go back to normal but im too far in to check for a "maybe" fix. Maybe when i continue to scorched earth the drops might be able to give off what their supposed to since its not a
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