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  1. You know what though? The restriction of freedom is barely a concern (compared to the other major said above stuff). And a lot of those design choices I'd bet my Ark Hours that it was because of PvP. And itd be completely... well still questionable but still fine since that design choice was intended for a specific mode, But theres a second mode where having those design choices doesn't really have their original intention and its just annoying.
  2. Cool. Thanks for the helpful tips.
  3. Wasn't very helpful information.
  4. Thank you for giving me helpful information to have made the post better to read.
  5. Thank you for actually giving me helpful information to make the post better.
  6. Thats pretty nice what we've gotten so far. The information of the mechanics alone are pretty damn nice to hear and imagine. Wouldn't think Exclusive Third person would be a thing but I could think of a few reasons why that is. There seems to be a lot more thought and consideration for both PvE and PvP. I think us Ark Folk have that hope we all were dreaming, about Ark 2 being THE ark we wanted. However that doesn't mean the "Repeat Offenders" is completely eliminated just yet. Now I just wanna say: I wouldn't even care if this game is postponed to 2025. So long as they get it right take as long as you need. I don't care how much the game will be. If you need to charge above the 60$ triple A standard price for it. Go nuts, so long as you get the game right. Now I wanna discuss the possible "Repeat Offenders" of what we might see. Now again so far so good. I see no problems at all with what mechanics they mentioned that will be in Ark 2. It all checks out, So Repeat Offenders (I don't think that's an actual term but I feel like its a good description) are the things that bothered me the absolute most and many people who may agree or disagree that it bothered them to. First thing I hope that doesn't become a thing, Is making a wild dinosaur so incredibly powerful but when you tame it its basically as weak as a common dinosaur. To me that doesn't make sense. Since there are no tameables in the previous game I feel like the better option is, if your going to nerf it as heavily as a Giganotosaurus after tame. Maybe just don't make it tameable at all. (Of course thats assuming there are going to be untameables). What I also hope that doesn't become a thing is making certain items and dinosaurs main purpose of existence cater to only one specific game mode when there is 2 game modes. So there are chunk of dinosaurs and weapons that have abilities and high crafting costs exclusive to PvP. Normally that's okay, but when you have a second game mode to consider and you outright ignore it by continuing to develop items and dinosaurs for that specific mode way after the PvE mode shows that you are either lazy or have no consideration for the other people who prefer to not have to wake up one morning and the months of progress they made erased. Its also so annoying that when a dinosaur comes out and its too powerful they nerf it so hard and the nerf only applies (usually) in PvP only, when in PvE its not a big enough deal or that much of an issue yet the nerf is applied to the PvE players as well. (I understand when you play a game type like this things like all your tames dying and buildings destroyed are expected to happen when your not there to defend it. This is more to shed light on the fact that they did make the effort to add a different game mode but continued to build the game like as if it never existed.) I don't expect you to eliminate that completely, I just would like to be able to use all the items and dinosaurs I have access to on the different game mode and have their purpose be slightly altered or versatile between the two modes all around. Otherwise don't have a PvE mode. Now they seem to be pretty open about the people who mod the game and are fully aware of their creativity and fully expect people to make mods for Ark 2. So much so that they want those mods implemented onto console. Thats pretty awesome, I'm hoping that having those mods won't cause the game to grow so unstable it causes a crash almost every time one wants to upload their character and transfer in and out in Singleplayer. Summing up: Hoping to see the game more stabilized (I understand mods are volatile by themselves and it doesn't work the same way as a normal game does. But there are games, assuming the mod amount is tame like mine was, can run without consistent crashing. Note I said "Consistent"). Now the #1 thing I don't wanna see above everything that this company has done when Ark 2 comes out is: Poor communication between the fanbase and the studio themselves. I am exclusively talking about feedback. A lot of people have issues with Ark 1 and its problems, and sometimes its very hard to determine what the issues are when people are angry or incoherent and they can't pinpoint where the issue is. However a lot of communication that occurs between the studio and the fanbase trying to report issues seems like it gets flat out ignored. I feel like a simple tweet on twitter or even a post from a guy as the messenger from the studio that states "Hey listen this X Y Z issue can not be fixed due to complications with A B C" and we no longer would feel the need to report the same issue that might pile up and bury more serious issues. Now the studio among themselves I have heard a lot of people say (and when playing Ark 1 it shows) that there is generally poor management when it came to the making of the first Ark and thats why there were so many naming inconsistencies. Those very same inconsistencies shows that no one communicated to the person or people who were in charge of making Saddles for dinosaurs were not informed of the name changes that may have happened during development in the studio itself. With all that being said. I hope we can see more proper communication between if not the fanbase giving feed back on issues at least more proper communication amongst themselves. Those are the MAIN problems that I feel like many people would agree on, However if you disagree (or even had the time to read this book lol) tell me why. I'd be super curious as to why you believe its not as bad as im making it seem. I will say that I do hate a lot of the other things that happen in Ark 1 as well such as: Mei Yin being able to bring a Giganotosaurus to a boss fight but players cant. Flyers can't all of a sudden fly in a cave. Not being able to use certain items in certain boss fights and having limitations to those boss fights. However all of that can be easily worked around and its possible to progress with those "Mini Offenders" i'll call them, because they couldn't quite figure out how to make those fights or caves with the intended difficulty they wanted with flyers and boses being unrestricted so if they decide to keep all that the same it wouldn't really be a problem or migraine inducing as the major things I listed above are (for me anyway). One more little sum up is: Ark 2 is going to be a Survival Game. We need to use what we can and what were allowed to make to our advantage if we are to survive. So I hope I don't see any items being unusable because of boss fights or specific cave areas. But again if they do its not a big deal. So! With all that being said, Ark 2 is going to be a completely brand new experience and just like the developers themselves said "Its the Game that Ark 1 could have been" I honestly can't wait to see what they do with the intended mechanics their going to achieve. I absolutely believe they are going to learn from all the mistakes they made and they will polish and care for this game thrice as hard as they did for Ark 1. I hope everyone is just as excited for Ark 2 cause I'm so looking forward to how far it will take them, Cause I'll confidently say it'll take them twice as far as Ark 1 did. I believe in all of you! This all comes from someone whos played over 4,700 in total hours across Xbox, PC, and Switch.
  7. We all know Arks got all the bugs in the universe. So when we continue to play it after discovering them we end up knowing what were getting into. Now about 4 or 5 times now my Singleplayer Data keeps getting corrupted and I've tried making save backups for each time and for some odd reason when Ark is in the loading process a Fatal Error shows up 100% of the time. I have these back up saves on a completely different device and for some odd reason when replacing the... I guess is considered a "Corrupted" file. I then add the file data map before this fatal error occured. But that somehow gets the same fatal error too. I even took a look at the files and compared the files side by side to see if i could change anything to match the back up. It just simply wasnt possible to fix it. Trust me in Singleplayer they pretty much expect you to fix the game yourself. The 5 or 4th time this happened however, I believe Ark corrupted my windows and required me to reinstall it. When i booted up my computer for the first time that day it was fine. Then i booted up Ark. Then it was taking longer than usual. So i restarted my computer and then the corruption took place. I pin Ark to this cause on top of it being the only program that has bugs in it. I had not downloaded any other programs other than Dolphin Emulator. Oculus App. And Beacon. Which are all safe programs to use. It could be steam or a windows recent update that caused it, however there were no updates availiable to my knowledge at the time. So even though Ark basically almost destroyed my computer and it erased itself AGAIN. I still wanna play it cause i think have a thing for animals in general i guess. Anyway so because i still have this STUPID urge to keep playing. Does anyone have any ideas on how to help me have a solid singleplayer file and not have it get erased? I understand this question is equal to a Long shot with a Fabricated Pistol in the complete dark but theres a sort of belief in me that really thinks that I can have a solid ark file without it getting erased. Note i do not have the income to open a server.
  8. Seems like they give you something to do. On PvE at least. But thats also assuming no one built near any notes.
  9. Oh dear god dude yeah the LOADING is so awful. Like surely these devs would understand that there are mods that are damn near required. Like the 7 additional dinos. Krakens Better Dinos. No untameables. S+. Dino Storage V2 Like i truly believe all of those are MUST HAVE mods. The overall game is so strongly built on workarounds, laziness, and pvp. These mods absolutely don't care about which mode of the game these were catered for they focused on making the game alot more fun. I think that sucks that wildcard stumped their own game so hard because they were too focused on making it a competition among people rather than making fun but while also challenging as a game against the environment. It held back the games potential so hard because of that. But hey these modders quite actually have unleashed the games true potential. Even Wildcard realize the modders not only do a better job with their projects than the entire wildcard team. But they straight up Implement maps and some of the s+ structures to the official servers because of how much of an incredible job these modders do. But BY GOD the loading truly makes it so hard ESPECIALLY when you consistently transfer between maps. And in singleplayer theres spawn issues. Like on Crystal Isles Tropeognathus's spawns reset when you exit the map. Same thing with Noglins on Gen2. Plus the game will crash while its trying to load from transferring. At first I thought it was the mods. But when I cleaned wiped my entire harddrive of ANYTHING even closely related to ark the crashes still occured. And they can't fix it. its unfixable. At least thats what I think. In fact when it comes to bugs theres so much unknown bugs that we dont even know. A great example is the Mek. The "Bug" where the Mek Modules kept losing durability every time you uncryoed a mek. I would bet actual money that NOBODY knew it was a bug. We all thought it was intended because it loses durability when you remove it. So it makes sense to lose durability when it gets uncryoed. And that was a bug in the game for YEARS. They only recently fixed it. Idk if they have a listening problem or too many conflicting reports or what but yeah i really wish they would polish up singleplayer cause most of the mods that get used are mostly singleplayer users. But hey i've got a Switch, and Pocket Tanks on my phone so they pass the time pretty nicely when it comes to the loading. But I agree loading is really long even with like 4 mods.
  10. In all seriousness I understand that when they make the nerf after tame its intended to see the game isn't as easy. Like they don't wanna make the game easy they wanna keep it challenging. But the whole point of a survival game at least IMO is that its supposed to be insanely hard at the start cause you have nothing. Then you start getting tools and armor and you climb your way up to the top. Remember that you died to a Dilo? You can get to the point where only a Giganotosaurus (or drowning) can kill you. Survival games are meant to be easier the more you play. Thats supposed to be the reward I'd figure. Like you put the hours in and you didnt give up from dying alot and losing your stuff weather to glitches or unreachable areas. and you were persistent enough to defeat the bosses and get tek. But its so weird to NERF so much of what us humans are allowed to do when were suppose to survive. The only agreeable item i would defend not being allowed to use is Cryopods in Boss Fights. I still don't like not being able to do that But i can actually get behind the idea as to why its nerfed. I just don't like the fact that a survival game is nerfing the survivors and dinosaurs which are base needs for survival. And honestly I understand the nerfs but when they do nerf they dont even reduce its tame value (meaning they still take the same amount of time to tame). But on the bright side they dont increase the time it takes when they buff a dino (Even though dino buffs happen less often than a blue moon). Like if your gonna nerf a dino. Nerf it in the wild too. Thats all im saying.
  11. I remember my mind being blown when alot of the bugs within the game were able to be adjusted in just a the "Notepad" I was like wait... all this information (Granted im sure its not ALL in the notepad but where the "server" settings are" such as adding the difficulty override to get the levels to work properly. And going in the steam command line (yknow the place where you click properties on a steam game) to fix the flyers. But the things such as tek powers enabled on genesis and customizing loot drops with a server manager I had no idea that ALL that info takes place in the common notepad. I just thought it was something you write in. Turns out Notepad has magic in it that holds can adjust your game as you see fit. I bet theres some codes I could put in there that no one else have discovered if i wanted to experiment enough. So yeah overall I gained actual knowledge from singleplayer that I dont think playing online would've given me. Granted it was agitating finding the information but just like any puzzle when you put all the pieces together... you FEEL things.
  12. Now see I do see the appeal of the online though. Its very capable of giving you a unique experience that even with a non dedicated server with your friends can't give you. But I've had so many problems with people just being irritants. Don't get me wrong that's every online game. Its nothing new. But with Ark in particular its extra frustrating because the game is already insanely difficult. Then you've got people building in your spot when you have it pillared off (I don't like the fact that I would need to do that but at least its a solution) just to be a troll and then you've got people who adjust trades at the last second. Like this guy once wanted (this was half a decade ago. PvE) me to give him 500 Tranq arrows for a Fertilized Quetzal Egg. Now this was at the time when Quetzal Spawns were bugged on Ragnarok and nobody could find any wild ones in their usual spots due to excessive building. Then I said "Alright this is gonna be so awesome you've made a man very moist today" and I guess that offended him because he then bumped the arrows amount to 700 and wanted a Fertilized Rex Egg. When we agreed on the initial trade. Luckily I canceled the trade after he was being uncooperative cause I thought i was being funny and just a few weeks later they fixed the spawns. So i get that the social aspect adds to Ark that singleplayer can't give you. But I just have such HORRIBLE luck with people encounters that i decided yknow what? I think I wanna do singleplayer. And at first I hated it. But then i really liked the idea of taming thesae creatures that used to actually exist. then years later I discovered PC is the master race and thats when my Ark Life went from a Agitating but somewhat fun experience to an amazing all around with minor issues at most. On xbox my gen2 file would erase itself because yknow... great coders. Not an issue on PC! So awesome.
  13. Oh dude I have an atomic tons of fun. Don't have to pillar off in any areas I live in. Don't have to worry about the "PvE timer decay" when I build outposts on other maps for the sake of creature finding. I have a massive variety of new original and variants of dinosaurs (The Ark Collection adds 7 and 2 WIP dinosaurs to Ark. Them having additional variants). I can tame the untamable (The No Untameables Mod allows me to tame or get Reaper Queens. Deathworms. Jug Bugs Nameless. So more additional creatures) and they all have legit ways to tame them. Some unique some basic tradition. The S+ Transmitters have a function where they can scan for all the current dinos in the area. So for example If i want a quetzal. I go to the scanner and it'll tell me the actual coordinates of where it is! Its so AWESOME! And feels so amazing rewarding more so when I unlock it. I can cryo dinos from a distance and instantly with the Dino Storage V2 mod. I can uncryo creatures during boss fights with that mod (so long as i added the configuration) I actually learned but a fraction of coding because of what I needed to do to A: Fix the leveling glitch. B: Fix the glitch where it wouldn't allow me to bring flyers to caves. I love the fact that I can bring flyers to caves (cause it makes no sense that you can't do that. Yeah its easier but its a survival game. We need to use what we have and whats given to us in order to survive) I learned how to copy n paste other peoples codes and I have made MY perfect ark. Its completely my world that I made! All the settings and stuff are all perfectly paced for a leisurely pleasurable survival experienced. I think its dumb that the player has to fix the glitches himself but its still amazingly fantastic. I can't ever go online (unless i pay for a server and open it up) again because of how amazingly fun it is to go to a boss fight and throw gigas at the boss along with the normal rex army. Its so fun not having to worry about if someone is gonna put an inconvenient structure near my base cause I forgot to pillar a spot. Its really an amazing time and its the Ark that I always dreamed of having. Now I finally have it! I hate the fact that tethering is a thing and even when you put it up to 99 it still doesnt work as intended. Theres so many flaws with singleplayer. But holy mother of god I absolutely love this game so much incredibly more and did things and learned things that only a fraction of the player base gets to experience. Do you know how awesome it is to throw a mek out of a cryopod and strike a boss with it? So insanely fun! I can spawn a bunch of Bosses and have my army kill them all (if they die oh well. Could breed or tame more and I get element). I can "Transfer" element (Lets say i get 5000 element from GEN2. I drop all of it. Then spawn in 5000 element when i transfer into lost island) Im so sorry i wrote you an essay i just LOVE talking about singleplayer it brings me an excessive amount of Joy. Its so good. Again I hate that it crashes often. I hate that I had to fix the glitches myself. But the overall positives absolutely DESTROY the little negatives. So awesome and such an amazingly better game. I really do wish i had the money to open a server.
  14. No i can't stand the rubberbanding. Im not sure how people got used to it. Singleplayer all the way man! Love the mods. I do think it sucks time doesn't go by when offline which is pretty needed. But mostly i love the singleplayer life. My only issue is that it crashes alot for some reason. Some crashes are because of the mods but other crashing is "Built in the game" so to speak.
  15. I agree with you whole heartedly i really do. But thats kind of how the gaming industry is. I mean think about it Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on switch for example. I put so much time into it and farmed every large monster set with the matching weapon fully upgraded and everything. Monster Hunter Rise comes out and its not like im gonna be playing Generations because i like Rise alot more. So that effort and time kinda gets abandoned. I think its more so of the memories and the things you did, accomplished, figured out, and shared with the world. And you get to hold onto the feeling beyond sequels. Now i understand the example i used is far different from ark because ark has i think i can safely say over 100K players putting in at this point more hours playing the game than the devs spent making it lmao. So that equals to millions of hours split among so many people wasted (and to be fair in pvp those hours get wasted anyway. Every tribe falls) their time IF they did decide to shut down their servers. But it costs alot of money to open 30-50 servers at a time when a new map comes out. So idk again im HOPING they keep the servers up cause again all the ark pvp players would have unmanned bases and I can get a taste of what raiding is like. But i would understand if they did shut them down.
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