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  1. Dragon Stone RP In a world torn by creatures, scattered all over the land. One King needs the help of champions that have the skills and bravery to help take it back. Build a character who will help in all areas of the world. A fighter, a hunter, a strategist of bosses. Even the likes of a blacksmith, lumberjacks, farmers, breeders. This world will let you gain experience quickly if you know your way around a bow or hatchet. The map is Valguero, however, watch out for Snow Owls, Lightfeathers, and even Griffins. To get a jump start if you need one, visit the Tower of Information on the Small Islands. From there, visit the town of Dragon Stone Isles for buying or trading. More towns to come! Plus events. There is no need for discord or any other type of communication. Using PS Messaging will be enough. If you have any more questions, message USER-1-Unknown
  2. How to get Owl Saddle Engram to show up on Valguero P+ Like the title states, how to I get the Engram for the owl saddle to show up on Valguero Prim +. I use a Nitrado server for PS4. I’ve tried different codes but have had no luck obviously. Thanks.
  3. All is welcomed. Friend request USER-1-Unknown to save a spot. 2.5XP 2.2T 2.0H plus boosted breeding. Medieval themed, no firearms or explosives except flare guns and oil jars. Set turrets “Wild Dinos Only”. Reach lvl 80 to claim a tame. Events coming. Friendly. Any other questions please feel free to ask.
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