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  1. Thank you everyone for all this input it is exactly what I was looking for. Also the maturation and hatch speed is 3x.
  2. I am on a server called alliance gaming. I know the difficulty setting is bumped up a bit as the max level wild dino is 150.
  3. What melee to look for on Giga's and Rex's. I recently made a post on this to where we talked about a little bit. I kinda wanted to explore more on this topic so here we are. The Giga 's I am getting ready is for the purple drops on ext. With his current melee being at 250 base with no imprints or mutations. The question im asking is that should I keep taming giga after Giga or test my luck with mutations. The Rex's are for the most obvious reason being boss fights. And as for the Rex's what melee would you look for when getting ready for alpha dragon. I am talking about the melee you get fresh after a tame in the wild. I apologize for all of these post's on damage and what not. The reason I keep doing this is that I get so much feedback from everyone on here. Thank you for reading this and have a great day.
  4. Should I try to find a higher giga in the wild or mutate the one I currently have?
  5. On a final note did you find the giga in the wild with that melee or did you mutate to get it. I'm currently sitting at a 250 base melee.
  6. That is great to hear that is how I did the red drops before. Might I ask where you farmed the giga saddle?
  7. Might I ask what you used for these drops and did you do it solo?
  8. Ah thank you for all this info I will go check these spots out. For the ext drops I might use my 250 base dmg giga with a asc saddle. Hopefully that does the job
  9. Rex Blueprints and where to hunt them. Hello and welcome to this discussion. I recently hopped back into the beautiful game of Ark Survival evolved. I just built a new and better PC that can handle and perform the game that much better. Aside from that I am really looking to go for boss fights with Rex's. The only issue is I have a hard time searching or know where to search for these saddles. The only thing I have been told is to look in the two underwater caves on the island and the swamp cave and red beacon drops. While all this might be true I wanted to ask the community where to look as the info I stated was posted about 2 years ago(not saying its wrong). I apologize for any typos as this is around my second forum post here. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and have a great. p.s(feel free to share Rex stats with your saddle, might just help someone out) :D
  10. So I decided I'm going to go on a theri hunting spree, What map would you guys recommend for hunting those tickle chickens?
  11. Thank you so much this helped a ton.
  12. I only have one mutation on my theri's putting them at 361. Should I keep trying for more mutations? On a side note my tek rex's hit 396 with only one mutation. I'm thinking that's good but I'm not sure. Looking forward t o your input
  13. Alright guys thank you for all the input. I just have one last question, If your looking to fight the alpha variants of the boss what wild stats would you look for after a knockout tame?
  14. Ah, I see thank you for this info. On a side note should I keep mutating these rex's and theri's or should I go look for new base ones? I have only one mutation on both.
  15. They don't. The Dragon's breath is hard-coded and ignore the herbivore resistance. But since they can heal themselves with cakes they are still a good choice. So then my follow up question would be that should I use tek rex's instead. I have one that has mutated damage at 396? Im also sorry for the formating on this, Im still getting used to it.
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