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  1. Yeah well the problem is that pillars can be placed everywhere and can let an alpha tribe just claim an entire server.... again one of the main reasons i play unofficial rather than official...they need to limit the amount a tribe can claim so new players have a chance to even play on official, that and do something about tame cap..... my suggestions would be very simple for them to implement and wouldn't take one dev more than a day or two to code.
  2. Introduce Claim Flags for official I have played unofficial since day 1.... not that i didn't start on official.... BUT.... my first experience of playing ark official servers was absolutely horrible I almost quit and asked for a refund. The issues were as follows, see after the list for possible fixes. Now to prefix this i prefer PVE.... I do not want to spend a month building something, get almost done and then boom some alpha tribe comes and destroys it in an hour. So on to the list. 1. no admins at all.... 2. Tame caps are all met... (yeah people know about cryo pods and when its time for them to breed they will cryo the 200 dodos they have out, they do this on purpose) 3. Pillars everywhere a new player cannot build its just impossible, cant even place a campfire down to cook meat so you just die over and over and over again with no base because you cant build anything but a raft. Now we get to some possible solutions.... Answer for #3: So I have played Atlas and they have these very nifty things called claims.... I suggest we add something similar to ark. Here is how it works, you get a claim you can place it and it will let you build within 100 foundations any direction from the flag. This has a two prong effect one it makes the people with bases 1000+ foundations in every direction learn to build smaller, there by reducing lag.... and two it puts the normal decay timers on anything within the claim area, you can still build outside of the claim area but anything outside should be considered temporary, and can be destroyed with 6 hours of placement regardless the materials. The only exception to this of course would be a teleporter.... if a teleporter is put down it should protect an area 5 foundations out from it, as this would provide ample amount of room for proper defenses. Also limit the number of teleports that one tribe can have outside of their claim to 4. I think this would be a good solution and easily accomplished by the dev team. Amswer for #2: simple remove the server tame cap, and limit tribes to no more than 100 dinos.... i mean to be fair you never need more than 100 dinos outside of cryo at one time for any reason what so ever....boss fights only use 20, and breeding up to 60 dinos at once is plenty. Answer for #1: Dont run more servers than you can handle, thats just really poor management skills and bad logistics.... also if you implemented the fixes for the other two mentioned above you wouldnt need so many servers which would cut overhead and allow for maybe at least one full time admin per cluster.... i mean lets face it you need it badly Now because of these issues i have not been able to really enjoy multi-player on official servers and I am sure it has literally drove players away from playing the game at all. 2 and 3 are not hard fixes, i dont expect to actually see full time active admins.... but i can dream..... but honestly fix these and you would see your player count probably double within 2 to 3 months if not weeks... I know i would like to play official but until these things are addressed so that its worth the time I am willing to invest I just cant see it.
  3. Patch Notes Where do I start.... I am a programmer, Logistics Manager and i never ever will release a product or patch without keeping my customers informed. I have never released a product or patch without the change notes, the change notes should not be coming hours or even days after a patch if anything they should be released prior. The lack of communication through this process has been very disappointing. I would dare say there are no project managers, at least that is what it seems like. I don't know what needs to happen to fix the problems but communication with your customers needs to be a much higher priority. Here is an example as to why patch notes are key.... one of the patches for Genesis made changes to build-able areas (mission areas). So this patch came out, without patch notes for hours, people started building in the mission areas on my server..... I did not want people to build in the mission areas, but a major change was made that I was unaware of (again because the patch notes were not there). Now as a server admin with an ini option i can change that but its already too late people started building in those areas.... having the knowledge ahead of time that this change was happening i could have prevented this. So patch notes need to be a priority, they are not optional, if you have ever run a project you know that these are key these are the road map and communication with your customers will make or break a company...... again all i hear from community managers is i don't know or i haven't heard or i wasn't told...... management at this company needs to take a serious step back look at your infrastructure, your employees and figure out what the disconnect is. Maybe if you fix some of the communication and actually have people that judge their skills appropriately for the challenges ahead we could not only have patch notes released on time but also have content released on time without all of the bugs and issues, because i swear it was like no testing was done, just push the product out...... I love the game of Ark but honestly have lost confidence in the company behind it, I really wish that could change, because in the gaming community having a good reputation for communicating with your customers and putting content out in time is the difference between a company that people believe in and will grow or the companies that fail.
  4. Toxxikz

    Constant crashing

    i did post it in bugs with the logs, and i'm a programmer myself and could easily identify that its bad binary and it seems to effect the area in south bog, also noticed the water plane there was clipping and having other issues of water that had no volume, but hey i don't work for wildcard, and this is stuff they easily should have caught in alpha/beta testing
  5. Toxxikz

    Constant crashing

    yeah only seems to happen in the bog though
  6. multiple people crashing over and over multiple people keep getting disconnected over and over again, i noticed it always seems to happen in one location near the Obi in the bog for me
  7. Constant crashing appears to be multiple people having crashing issue over and over again in the bog area.... seems like there is something wrong somewhere in the bog causing the crashes, multiple people will crash at once
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