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  1. Ahhh okay gotcha. Thanks for the advice! I really like the building aspect of the game and I really like to be organized and stuff so I like to try and keep all my Dino’s in separate pens and stuff so I’ll just make a big enough pen to put a few of them in and call it quits lol. Thanks for the reply again!
  2. Hello all! So I’m needing a little help setting up a building or something of the like to breed my Rex’s in. So my main base is in the hidden lake (I play singleplayer) and I’m having a problem building a big enough base because I keep running into “can’t place foundation on floor”. I’ve got a few pretty big “pens” I guess you could say for some other Dino’s like my Allo’s, Anklyos, Raptors, and stuff like that but I was wanting to build almost like a tower with multiple levels just for my rexes. I haven’t tried covering the lake itself because beaver damns keep spawning it lol but I’ll do whatever I’ve got to do! Any feedback is mightily appreciated!
  3. Thanks for the reply but I’m actually playing on singleplayer and I have the options checked to allow me to build in and near caves and Obs. Is there something else that wouldn’t allow me to build here? Thanks. also I’m on The Island map
  4. As the title states I’m having a ton of trouble building. I recently found a spot I’d like to set up a big base at but I can’t place anything anywhere for whatever reason. So the spot I’m talking about is a peninsula on the west coast pretty much right inbewteeen the two Obs. I cleared he peninsula of rocks and the one giant tree and it’s not perfectly flat but it basically is but I can’t place fondouations anywhere. I googled my problem and found a few settings to mess around with so I turned on cave building and building around beacons (even though I’m not near a beacon) and I still can’t get it to build. Someone recommended for me to build pillars and use celiengs instead but I can’t place anything down at all it’s red. I’m just wondering if I’m going to have to find a new location or if maybe I’m just experiencing a bug? Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks for all of the replies guys! You guys have definitely given me a lot to think about and it seems I’ll probably be moving from Herb Island. I’ve been loving this game so far and it’s only getting better! I’ll probably check out the spot near the red Ob as mentioned above and make another base in the hidden lake. I fully intend for this to take me forever because I really love the crafting and building aspect so I plan on making several bases to fast travel between and stuff.
  6. Thanks for the info! I’ll definitely look into some breeding videos on YouTube. I spent my first day or two near one of the Obs I think the red one? And I got mauled by tek raports so I made a raft and ended up on herb island lol
  7. Hello all! I am a relatively new player to Ark as I have only been playing for about a week and was looking for some general tips. I guess I should say I play on the Xbox one and I play singleplayer. I have already tinkered with the setting so they are too my liking the only setting I haven’t messed with have been the breeding settings as I’m a little overwhelmed when it comes to breeding. So I’m around level 35 and am currently set up on herbavoir island. I have 3 trikes 2 raptors 2 anklyos and a pteranodon. I have a decent base set up with a smithy and a few forges and I was about to start on some stables for my tames. I’m building in the low flat part on herb island where it’s surrounded by the cliffs except for the front in which I’ve built a Dino Gate and large walls all the way across to keep out brontosaurus’s. I guess I need tips on breeding because it just kind of overwhelms me and just kind of your guys opinions on a sense of direction.( my main goal is to defeat or tame all of the bosses on all 4 of the maps....eventually lol) thanks in advance!
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