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  1. I am having server list problems, many servers do not show in list. list is slow to load. Never had this problem in 8K hrs of playing on PC.
  2. Also having same problem on my other computer. both computers completely up to date. PCs, Windows 10 and ARK (301.3). Internet running fine. 5G upload/download. fios. All other apps working fine. Surprised no one else having problems.
  3. "Unable to Query Server for the Invite" My server list is loading soooo slow and incomplete. when I try direct load from battlemetrics or Steam server list I get "Unable to Query Server for the Invite". This has been going on for a week. Anyone else ever have such problems or know a fix?
  4. not all servers are loading anyone else having problem loading servers in server list?
  5. waited... waited... waited... "no sessions found"
  6. It has been almost an hour since the server i was playing was shut down for a "15 minute update". Any new estimated time it will be back up? PC NA Official Server. Thank You
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