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  1. wasted time trying to connect "Joining failed, connection timeout"
  2. Connection to server problems I have been playing ARK for 3 years, connection problems have just gotten worse and worse. Today the worst ever
  3. Not to mention I cannot access my character..... sure wish I could get some answers.
  4. what makes this difficult for me is that I do have baby dinos that I am sure have starved for now. So all the time spent breeding and getting food and finding a safe place to raise them is for naught. And no one gives me a reason or even describes what a login Lock is or why imposed. Really? No one else has this problem?
  5. so... what is a login lock? Who sets it? Why? it says try again in a few minutes. ha. It has been over 13 hours now.
  6. server 91 locked for last 8 hrs. cannot play ark server Island OC 91 locked for last 13 hrs. cannot play ark. anyone else locked out of their servers?
  7. Server just came back! Didn't lose anything. TY TY TY!
  8. My official server down over 3 hours now..... character locked in that server. gotta keep my sense of humor. might lose dinos and stuff but ha ha ha ha....
  9. wow. quite the outage. looks like all servers are down now. no announcements that I can tell either. wonder what is going on???
  10. My official Island server has been down for well over an hour. No announcements or estimated fix that I have heard.
  11. I fixed this but had to reinstall windows, steam and ARK
  12. I am having server list problems, many servers do not show in list. list is slow to load. Never had this problem in 8K hrs of playing on PC.
  13. Also having same problem on my other computer. both computers completely up to date. PCs, Windows 10 and ARK (301.3). Internet running fine. 5G upload/download. fios. All other apps working fine. Surprised no one else having problems.
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