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  1. A decent bary for any cave but a decent wolve for ice cave
  2. KO them and when they wake, they should be calm
  3. Other tlcs, auto save your game like if it gets deleted, ur data is still there and when u download it back, u can resume and act like ur mom never deleted ark and act like u didn’t have to be stuck with crappy tames and low resources and have tons of predators on your beach with a stupid titano camping where your base used to be and where u still want it to be. That’s all I got for now. Cya, Daniel
  4. Yutys they look derpy, scary, and cute at the same time. Powerful and the roar has 3 abilities: fear roar, courage roar, and CARNOS GET OVER HERE AND KILL THESE THINGYS FOR MEH!
  5. Use an argy(Argentavis) cause it can attack directly below it and has pretty high stam
  6. Where I find Rexes, it dangerous all over, titanoboas all over, allos, Carnos, and a TON of raptors. Also a giga
  7. Can any of you please show a rex pen pic? I’d really appreciate it if you could!
  8. Find them at fars peak(most northeastern mountain)
  9. My pteranodon got murderer because a titano got triggered. Can’t upload image, to big......... Revived it and tamed some frogs. Still too big. I bravely killed the titano................................................. with god console
  10. Yes use them to breed for stats. If u are in multi player, use them for base defense. Single, meat runs. I consider them one of them best tames possible. Full imprint baby gigas if u can and breed the highest stats. When u get what u want, u can get rid of the others it u want
  11. Just build a stone 3/3/3 with ramps (6 or 9) because it can climb over 2 walls so it can get in, but not out. I’ll send u a screenshot in a bit
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