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  1. its active go pick up a rock if u get 2 its active. well except on SE where u will get 2 anytime.
  2. people do love to complain about whatever they can.
  3. also of note they were talking about some real new stuff like mission based system a simulator type map not an ark this is way more then just a new map and few dinos
  4. Just tell us already all this hype is overrated to me.
  5. if your on official all that is set appropriately if on a dedicated u have to match the server
  6. its not just transfers even main listing of servers only works from favorites etc
  7. got the same thing for transfer on official and main listing only works as favorites.
  8. You can move forward in same line as wild after he is in box but do not turn or if he turns stop. I use this method to trap and then try to get over the safest spot I can to drop it and tame.
  9. someone posted this in our discord too where is this linked from?
  10. Im an arkadict with over 3500 hours
  11. I miss prenerf flyers on pve something terrible!
  12. can only transfer within the same cluster. you rented server probably isnt in the same cluster.
  13. Another introduction Think I did this before but my account seems to be new again so hi Im me and this is my introduction long time pve player done some pvp but not much been playing ark since beta days before tek. thank god for cryopods though!
  14. alpha manticore tek grams I completed the alpha manticore before and my implant shows that but seem they maybe added some tek engrams to the rewards since then but they are not unlocked for me???
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