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  1. Before reading this I never even knew that prim + had other items not in the main game but seeing some of them and being a builder on official myself I would love to experiment with the building types as a few different types of walls can go a long way to making the perfect base for your tribe.
  2. GGKing

    Setting bugs

    Today we had a bug happen that got a lot of our tames killed. The bug had switched our aggressive velos to passive and our passive tames to aggressive I would very much like to bring this bug to wildcards attention as they were killed by a single theri that happened into our base.
  3. WC has tried to stop this before which is why the pillars now have ladders it is the larger tribes of the server claiming unneeded land in most cases some are just there to keep neighbors from building too close or where the tribe that owns them plans on building.
  4. So I have been thinking on this topic for a while while I even played on official PvP. Anyways to the topic I have been wanting to have breedable scorpions in the game as I love the little guys and would love to see babies of them. I not only have that as a thought but have thought of maybe splitting the attacks of the scorpion as the first is the claws for damage and the second is the stinger which would do some damage but mainly torpor. As a related issue maybe add in breeding for the other insects of the game such as the mantis.
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